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  • Gravity with PVM uses Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) to solve a large problem with multiple processors. Consider a three dimensional space with an object of a given mass. The gravitational potential within the space can be computed and parallelism can be exploited to speed the process. The program, with minor modifications, could be used to compute the gravitational potential within a very large space with many masses.

    PVM is running on several of the Computer Science Lab... Read More

  • One of the greatest challenges in peer-to-peer networking is creating an effective means of searching for content. Early solutions to this problem have included: using a centralized server to hold the index and conduct searches, using a system of recursive broadcasts, in various forms, to query a significant portion of the network, and finally removing indexing capabilities from the network entirely. None of these systems are acceptable over the long-term: Indexing capabilities are essential... Read More

  • Community Care Partners was formed as a collaboration among four of the Western North Carolina's most respected healthcare providers: Thoms Rehabilitation Hospital, Visiting Health Professionals, Mountain Care and Mountain Area Hospice.

    CCP is currently converting to a new enterprise-wide system. The different agencies of CCP all use different databases to house their general ledger data. The goal is to be able to report general ledger account balances. In order to do this, one... Read More

  • System Details:
    Sub-Lang Analysis System (short for Subset of Language Analysis System) is a system written in the Java and C++ programming languages. This system consists of two component applications; an 'annotator' and an 'analyzer.' The 'annotator' is an application written in Java which facilitates the application of a characterization of text via a process know as 'tagging.' Tagging refers to the applying of properties to lexical items (words) in order to discretely represent... Read More

  • Project Description:
    My Senior project is the implementation of an informational front end for hybrid audio compact disks. The informational front end is an useful feature that will be incorporated into the business services of a local CD duplication business, CD Masters. When implemented this program should be able to launch in a Windows environment and detail anything the CD architect wants to impart upon the audience. Adaptability is key here, since the data incorporated into these... Read More

  • The Medical Action Safety Team needed a computer software system to log safety issues and resolutions. The Safety Issues System meets this need by providing an easy interface to log safety issues onto the computer with minimal input. In addition, the Safety Issues System is a powerful tool to track safety issues and provide valuable data analysis to reduce future safety incidents.

    To enter the issue or resolution only takes a moment. There are options to print, email or save the... Read More

  • The Market Place restaurant has been in business since 1979 serving fine dinning experiences. In 2000 I became a part of the restaurant's culinary tradition. I worked closely with Chef/owner Mark Rosenstein and his wife and General Manager, Kim Rosenstein. At the time of my employment, the restaurant was in need of a new software solution that would serve two functions: 1) the waiters would use it to submit orders and print tickets and 2) the Office Manager would use it as an accounting... Read More

  • As a musician, I have always enjoyed using music software. I noticed that I was visiting one particular website ( very often to use their guitar tuner and their drumbeat simulator. For my project, I chose to create a Java program that had these functions, as well as a large selection of chords to display and play. This way, I get experience with file I/O, organizing content through directory structures, GUI design, and project... Read More

  • My Forms Based Billing Application for the Palm OS was designed to be used by construction companies. My program is intended to replace Job Sheets and hold relevant customer and part information that can be synced with a desktop database. A Job Sheet is a paper document that contains a list of parts.A contractor at the end of the day will fill in quantity of parts used and their individual price. The Job Sheet is then given to the secretary to be input into the database. A company will then... Read More

  • Project Description
    Card sorting exercises provide insight into how individuals mentally categorize data. The information derived from performing and analyzing many card sorts within a potential user base can be used to make websites or applications much more intuitive. Traditionally, this task involves creating multiple decks of index cards representing granular pieces of data for the users to sort into categories of similar items. Then, an analyst would perform the task of analyzing... Read More