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  • Description:
    SimIm is a website for locating images through a unique color-based search method. It allows users to upload images to be searched, and to search a database of uploaded images based on a given reference image. By using a color-based search rather than a filename or tagging based search, SimIm allows for easy location of modifications to a given image, and for finding originals when the user has only a modified version.

    The site was developed with... Read More

  • This information system project "" is an interactive web-based communicable disease atlas created using scalable vector graphics (SVG) technology. SVG is an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated.  SVG is advantageous in creating graphics because it is text-based (and therefore human readable), open source, dynamic, updateable and scriptable. In addtion to... Read More

  • With Linux-based Operating Systems rapidly gaining popularity in today's desktop market, security evaluation and hardening techniques are becoming increasingly vital. I used virtual machines and network to set up and launch attacks against popular desktop Linux-based operating systems. For a control, I used default versions of the Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8 distributions on two of the machines. I researched effective security-enhancing methods and utilities and applied them to cloned images of... Read More

  • The purpose of this project is to enhance the RPM system. RPM is an implementation of a middleware system that uses Open Source components to connect to databases, email, web servers, and file servers to automate business rules processing. Specifically this project replaces the current RPM method of using XML files with a Message Queue (MQ) Service using the Java Messaging Service (JMS) interface. Using MQ, a connector component, called the "producer" will "publish" a message to a queue that... Read More

  • Neurons are specialized cells in the brain and nervous system that process and transmit information. They communicate via electrical and chemical signals that are sent from one cell to another across synapses. This process, called synaptic transmission, is triggered by action potentials, a term which refers to electrical signals that propagate along neuron fibers when the cell is stimulated by other neurons. To model a neuron generating an action potential, the Hodgkin-Huxley equations can... Read More

  • National Park websites provide utilitarian maps for hikers. Although these maps are beneficial, they omit necessary information such as driving directions, access, rules and hike duration; and supplemental information such as trail highlights, pictures and comments. A hiker must glean this additional content from disparate sources. The goal of this project is to evaluate how best to deliver multimedia hiking content via the Internet from a single site. A familiar mapping program like Google... Read More

  • The Proceedings of the annual National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and the Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium (BigSURS) were, until recently, created without a database. Both conferences send out a Proceedings CD to registrants containing the papers and biographies documenting the conferences. The goal of this project is to create a functional MYSQL database, and to develop a web interface with PHP so that qualified users can access the information. This system will... Read More

  • The popular online game World of Warcraft can be modified client side to improve the user's experience with the game, and the efficiency of the game. The logistics of organizing 25+ players before, during, and after an encounter is greatly aided by user interface modifications, or AddOns for short.  In fact, some encounters would be extremely hard or close to impossible without the convenience of AddOns. These AddOns are open source programs of varying complexity written by individuals... Read More

  • (GMB) is an open source cloud toolkit. As more applications move from the desktop to the cloud, consumers need confidence in knowing that their data is persisent, accessible, and secured. GMB addresses these three issues through the use of cloud computing, cloud storage, local storage, and simple password management.

    HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Google Gears, sqlite, and various API's implement the GMB application. HTML and JavaScript are used to create a web-based interface... Read More

  • The purpose of this project was to create a computer and consulting services business for myself. The initial process was to develop a business plan for the company, Ray's Computer & Consulting Services. This included a feasibility study (financials, market potential), as well as equipment needed. After the business plan and a timeline was created, services to be offered were determined, including computer setup, consultation, restoration, and tune-ups, as well as virus removal, internet... Read More