Student Project Archive

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  • Gallery on demand is a photo sharing web application designed to make the process of sharing libraries of digital images fast and easy. Once an account has been created users are allowed to upload, group into galleries, comment, and rate their digital images. They then can give their username to friends and family allowing them to view their galleries. Incorporating a "drag and drop" system, creating galleries, and grouping images together can be done with ease. The application also supports... Read More

  • Programmers responsible for software testing, maintenance, and quality assurance must understand the target program's structure and the ways in which its many pieces interact with each other and with the outside world. This is a difficult task, and often the programmer can attain this understanding only by reading thousands of lines of source code. The field of software visualization aims to facilitate program comprehension by providing programmers with visual representations of the... Read More

  • The owner's of approached me to design a event calendar for their website. For the event calendar project I had the task of designing not only the front end that displays events but also the backend that allows a user to simply follow a wizard style approach to adding the event. The owner's plan to go live with this project in the immediate future.

    Advisor: Walt Turner

  • The current system for locating and organizing customer information at Charlotte Street Computers is inefficient and limited.  This project is designed to give access to pertinent customer and support ticket information when the information is needed the most: upon a customer's call and inquiry.  The system will be based in PHP and MySQL with HTML andjava_script support.  The database access will be accomplished through HTML pages and forms.  The project will integrate... Read More

  • is a social networking website with a twist. Where most sites provide users the space to describe themselves using superficial lists of favorite things, instead allows users to do what at least many of my friends and I do best: complain. By carefully categorizing users' rants under specific user-created topics, provides not only a soapbox, but also a means to easily find people who feel the same way about the same things. In this way,... Read More

  • The Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC) and the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) Collaborative (ENC) have undertaken a project involving the design and implementation of a large database of text, maps, and images related to forest threats. Some of this information is time-sensitive in that it becomes obsolete and needs to be reloaded from Forest Service Web servers. A manual system for keeping the database current is not practical due to... Read More

  • The purpose of this project is to provide Biblio Inc. with a client-side inventory management system that they can offer to their customers as a free download. Biblio's principle business is aggregating "For Sale" listings of new, used, and rare books from thousands of booksellers around the world. Booksellers post their listings on where a larger group of book buyers browse for items of interest. When a sale is made, Biblio Inc. handles the logistics of shipping and ensuring the... Read More

  • The majority of modern video games allow the player to control a character who moves through a three dimensional world. The player explores this world and collects objects scattered throughout to progress in the game. Explore and Discover (EaD) provides this core game functionality. A 3D artist can use the simple EaD file format to describe a scene using their models, and the Windows program uses the Microsoft DirectX API to render the scene and allow the character to search for the... Read More

  • SketchUp is an architectural modeling program owned by Google and designed for maximum ease-of-use. It integrates tightly with Google Earth and provides a Ruby API. I took advantage of these two features to develop a generative art project depicting a nightmarish vision of local steep-slope development. The end user, after installing the Ruby script, can choose any piece of terrain directly from Google Earth and, with one command, see what it would look like covered in a shantytown of... Read More

  • The Multimedia Arts and Science (MMAS) Inventory and Bug Tracking System was designed and developed to keep track of the IT equipment belonging to the UNCA MMAS department and to provide an interface for documenting and tracking bugs which users encounter when using this equipment. The primary technologies utilized are an Apache web server, MySQL, and a PHP based web interface. The purpose of this project is to facilitate examination of MMAS software and hardware problems in order to improve... Read More