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  • PyroRobotics is a Python-based robotics programming API which can be used in conjunction with several physical robots, such as Pioneers, Aibos, and Hemissons. It can also be used in conjunction with a robotics simulation, such as Player/Stage, Gazebo, RoboCup, or the Pyro-developed Pyrobot simulator. The API consists of modules written in Python.

    The goal of this project was to explore robotics programming. Initial steps included: installation of Linux, learning Python, and... Read More

  • Description:

    This project is a software framework that can be used for the creation and observation of any algorithm in an object oriented manner. It demonstrates the concept of what an algorithm is by providing means for parameter passing, variable use, step categorization, and the returning of results. When using this framework programmers are able to easily create, load, and execute new sets of instructions, as well as produce graphical representations of the steps taken during... Read More

  • This project is a demonstration of cube environment mapping for simulating reflection in interactive 3D environments. This application is native to OS X with a complete GUI. It allows for users to open an external file that defines the objects in the world to be rendered. The interface allows for the user to rotate the loaded object in real time displaying the reflected surfaces as defined in the file. It was written in Objective-C++ with Xcode, uses JPEGs as textures, and a scene-graph file... Read More

  • HourKeeper is a web-based payroll application, designed for independently contracted developers and designers. The application allows for an employer to sign up and have unlimited employees, as well as the ability for the employees to work for unlimited employers.

    The application allows for the payment of payroll, as well as project billing. Team or individual projects are available, and the user has the choice of many different data views while using the application either as an... Read More

  • The Marching Cubes algorithm, designed by William E. Lorensen and Harvey E. Cline in 1985, is an important algorithm to computer graphics. It constructs three dimensional surfaces from a series of two dimensional images. The most common applications for the Marching Cubes Algorithm are found in medicine, typically utilizing magnetic resonance images or computed tomographic images as input data.

    This application is a native Mac OS X application with a fully functioning Graphic User... Read More

  • The Universal Photo Editor is an image editing program created with those unaccustomed to image editing in mind. The program's interface is designed to be both intuitive and easy to use. After being loaded, an image can be rotated, flipped or cropped. The program includes tools to blur and sharpen an image to enhance the image’s appearance. A customizable 3x3 image processing kernel is provided for more advanced users. The user can display a histogram of the image’s color channels anytime... Read More

  • This program is an implementation of the Wizards of the Coast board game RoboRally. The goal of the game is to navigate the dangerous factory floor in order to tag the two flags, and the first player to accomplish this is the winner.

    Players face obstacles on the board - in the form of conveyor belts, pits and rotators - and in the other players, both by being shot at and by being pushed off course. Players must plan carefully, as they are allowed only limited movement options each... Read More

  • A collaborative effort was recently formed between the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC) and NEMAC to aid in the early detection of forest threats. Our team was faced with the immediate need to create a comprehensive, collaborative, extensible system to organize, categorize, index, and retrieve multiple types of information. The system needed to be able to handle diverse document types ranging from project management documents that the team created to Forest... Read More

  • Description: I am a math tutor and I have found out that students do not like geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Also, they do not know the geometric shapes well. So, they can not figure out the line equation y=mx+ b, nor even how to define slope = y/x (positive, negative, zero or undefined). Therefore, I would like to use my senior project to create a geometry program. I have immersed myself in Eastern and Western culture and education, so I have two different philosophies to help me... Read More

  • The owner of Oodenaa Zem, Inc. asked me to develop web application based on their existing product, I-WayInfo, a Palm Pilot application. This software provides interstate exit information for travelers in the 48 contiguous United States. Additional details about the original product can be found at The owner gave me a database containing data for three states and a Palm Pilot with I-WayInfo installed. My goal was to develop a web-based... Read More