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  • Project Description:
    Preserving a family's heritage is essential to maintaining a sense of continuity and a connection with one's own past. Part of any family's heritage is culinary. Over the years grandmothers have passed down hand written recipes to mothers, who have added to the collection, and in turn passed them to their daughters. Cookbooks have also been acquired, containing hundreds of recipes some of which are more worthy of consumption than others. With all these disparate... Read More

  • Overview:

    Asheville Thermoform Plastics, Inc. is a small vacuum forming company in Fletcher, NC. They produce many different products for many different companies as well as individual customer. Some of the products are very standard and others are one of a kind. Presently only the manager/owner can price and quote a product. He was looking for an application that could do this for him. He puts in a few inputs and out comes his cost and an accurate quote. In addition save the quote,... Read More

  • Project Description: is the name of the web site store which will sell prepaid phone cards. This web site contains a web application which consists of a shopping cart, an administrator control panel and a user panel.

    The user will be able to buy a phone card in 3 easy steps: First, the user will be able to search a phone card that is adequate for the user's calling destination. Then the user will be able to add as many phone cards as he/she wants to the shopping cart... Read More

  • Problem Statement

    The National Climatic Data Center's Information Technology (IT) branch uses several dissimilar knowledge bases in support of the organization's goals. These knowledge bases, which contain technical data ranging from user data to typical solutions to hardware specifications and architecture designs, are isolated pockets of information; and because they do not interoperate, they do not effectively communicate their contents.

    Designed Solution

    The end... Read More

  • The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing research and educational access to radio and optical astronomy located in Rosman, N.C. At present PARI is in the process of bringing several optical telescopes online, to be accessed over the World Wide Web. The enclosures for the five telescopes include two "roll back" roofs, two "clam type" enclosures and one "swing up" door. All these telescopes are located over five hundred meters from the... Read More

  • Climate Data Online(CDO) is a online data distribution system which is replacing the ClimVis(Climate Visualization) system. Users can browse by location and data type to find the product that best suits their needs. Once an appropriate product has been identified the user can then view the data in a graphical format.

    The purpose of this project is to expand CDO by developing a system that will make Accumulated Observed Precipitation data available online. This data is calculated using... Read More

  • Abstract: AshevilleNow's Exclusive Downtown Attractions map is a web based map program of the Asheville downtown area. The program has been designed with cross web browser compatibility and has been fashioned as to accommodate future expansion. The attractions included at this time are Local Bars, Art Galleries, and Downtown parking. With a quick selection from a pull down bar the map is populated with whatever category is chosen, visually allowing users to observe the exact locations of... Read More

  • Middleware is a successful technology in the business environment that allows companies to introduce flexibility into their business models and integrate multiple systems. This technology solves problems of communication between legacy applications and new applications by transforming data into a standard format. The purpose of this project is to research and develop a middleware solution for the Clustered Environmental Data ARchive (CEDAR). CEDAR is operating not in a business environment... Read More

  • Abstract:
    My project's purpose was to web-enable the CEDAR system by implementing a web service on a web server and invoking it with the CEDAR client side program. In order to implement and install a web service into the CEDAR System I gained a fundamental understanding of both web services and the CEDAR System.

    I built the web service for CEDAR using Netbeans 5.0. Netbeans has great support and tutorials for web services built into it. Once built the service was deployed to the... Read More

  • My employer, Tyco Valves & Controls produces various pressure relief and control valves for industrial use. These valves are primarily used to insure the protection of lives and property. An Automatic Recirculation Control (ARC) Valve is a valve that is designed to protect property in the form of a pump. The purpose of this project was to develop a web based application that interfaces with a customer of limited knowledge and properly size and select a valve for their application.

    ... Read More