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  • The client often has formal legally required communications as well as less formal notices that must be sent to specific parties. The client wishes to be able to use their website to send required messages, informal notices, and alerts to key parties, and to create a log to document the delivery of these messages. One method the client desires is to deliver messages by telephone, and this is to be accomplished with telephony. The parties that are required to recieve the messages and the... Read More

  • Description:

    This project was intended to replace the current and now out of date payroll system created over 20 years ago. The old system required the user to login to server via a telnet session. The new version allows the user to login to the new system at anytime and anyplace via the Internet. This project is written using the new ASP. Net 2.0 framework just released by Microsoft. Also used while completing this project was new complier tools such as ASP. Net Web Matrix as well as... Read More

  • Project Description:
    This program was created for Bikeways, a local bicycle shop in Hendersonville, NC. The system allows the user to receive stock into inventory, query inventory, and sell stock from inventory, providing customer sales transaction receipts. This system replaced the previous handwritten sales and inventory tracking. The Bikeways POS provides a better way for sales and inventory to be handled aiding in loss prevention and better cash handling.

    Implementation:... Read More

  • Abstract:

    Web-based calendars are popular and widely useful. However, creating a custom calendar for your own Web-site or an office Intranet is non-trivial! How would you go about building such a calendar? There are several different ways you can do this. This tutorial explains how to build a web-based calendar using modern, available, open source (free) technology.

    The instructions for installing a Web-based calendar are written for three audiences based upon computer... Read More

  • Description

    South Wind Motel is a privately owned and operated family business in Western North Carolina. The business runs on a day-to-day basis using a cash and receipt method of record keeping. This tedious method leaves room for loss and error in the recorded data, such as, customer information, payment methods, rental dates and lengths of stays.

    This new system was developed specifically to handle these issues. By implementing a database (Microsoft Access) with a user... Read More

  • Project Description:

    Information privacy continues to be a growing concern for businesses and individuals who store and use their information on a personal computer. Though most news reports give credence to the threat of hackers and viral attacks to computer-based information, another threat comes from the very display of information on the computer's monitor.

    "Privacy In Motion," is an application that allows a user to specify applications on his or her computer to be... Read More

  • Project Description:
    My project included design, prototyping, and implementation of an original interactive web forum for my website. Design began with research of other web forums to determine what features I wanted to incorporate into my project. I also added several unique features that I came up with on my own. Unique features include user moderation of posts, an option to receive replies by email, and the option for site clients to subscribe to receive new topics by email.... Read More

  • NCDC, or National Climactic Data Center, is a NOAA based organization whose central purpose is to ingest, store, and retrieve data. New initiatives under the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) project have come about to add the capabilities for the computation and display of this data as well. In association with NEMAC, or National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, I was charged with expanding the ingest process to allow for new dataset called the SRRS... Read More

  • A web-based email application designed for use by the 28th Judicial Bar Association. It allows users the flexibility of a local email client, but is hosted on the server to allow users to check their email from any location by simply logging into the Bar web page. This application also supports sending and receiving messages with attachments, allows the users to create and delete folders and store message in them, logging of all message transactions, saving drafts, displaying sent and... Read More

  • Project Description:

    Harold Scott Trucking is a privately owned business in Leicester, North Carolina. The business has previously been operated in a "shoebox" method, that is, the owner kept all business related information and documents stored in a box. The business is comprised of a delivery system from North Carolina to California. The owner would like a way of keeping track of all business related information, any inventory he might acquire, and International Fuel Tax Agreement (... Read More