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  • Description
    This project was intended to assess and develop a functional user interface for the 28th Judicial District Bar Website. The greater website is a multi-year project initially began by the CSCI 446 Systems Analysis and Design Project Class in Spring 2004.

    This project required a number of skills from across the CSCI discipline, from database construction and extensive UML design to module coding and consistent user feedback. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this... Read More

  • Project Conception: I developed this project to learn what the process is to create modern day games. I drew from the physics classes, computer graphics, and the programming classes.

    Project Description: Bloodfield's is a turn based two player game, that players shoot projectiles from their cannon, trying to destroy their enemy's base before they get hit. Each player has a set of keys to use to change the projectiles powder. They play over 5 unique levels, each with a different... Read More

  • Overview:
    This project is a GUI (graphical user interface) for the IP Filter firewall. This application was designed with portability in mind and will execute on any system that has the J2SE 5.0 Java Runtime Environment installed.

    The Application:
    The purpose of this application is to allow users new to IP Filter to create and manage a ruleset without the user having specific knowledge of proper IP Filter rule syntax or rule grammar. The user should have some familiarity... Read More

  • Problem Statement
    The role of a network administrator is to monitor the network to make sure that it is running at optimal efficiency. There may be times when the network administrator can not check the resources of the server system such as CPU utilization, free disk space, and available memory. Servers are set up in various locations and may not be where the I.T. administrator can physically check the system.

    Problem Purpose
    The purpose of the project is to alleviate the... Read More

  • SAIM was written to provide a rich and aesthetically pleasing console based America Online(AOL) Instant Messaging(IM) client that is easy enough for a novice but still has everything a power user would ask for. While there are several projects that are console based and function well they end up lacking in appearance. SAIM's layout is based on how Gaim looks while using the tabbed windows option.

    Advisor: Dr. J. Dean Brock

  • The purpose of this project was to update the Java code responsible for remotely controlling the radio telescope named Smiley. The code was written with the outdated AWT module's limited functionality and has now been updated to Swing functionality at the user's request. This update had to be completed manually and required a thorough understanding of web-based Java applications and the Smiley control mechanism in particular. Increased versatility and aesthetic appeal as well as fixes of... Read More

  • Overview is designed as a free price comparison engine for books. It functions as a third party and stands between a book buyer and multiple book sellers in an attempt to ensure that the book buyer gets the best price for a given book.

    Description is a database driven commercial website. It makes considerable use of web services that implement xml or csv to do data pulls from book sellers to establish book prices. In order to do a price search an... Read More

  • I work for the United States Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS). The old Java Server Pages web interface for updating, adding, and deleting research publications was outdated. My project involved rewriting the interface as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) pages.  The interface includes method for searching for viewing, adding, updating, and deleting records from the PostgreSQL publications database hosted on the SRS website.

    The PHP interface may or may not be... Read More

  • The webpage generator is a tool that is meant to be used by computer novices to create personal webpages. The interface was designed so anyone with basic knowledge of using a web browser could generate a page of their own. The generated code is hidden from the user until the final step where they can look at it if they wish. This is so that users who are trying to learn how to write their own sites from scratch can look at some well-documented code. Every page that is generated has extensive... Read More

  • Description:
    After working at the UNC Asheville Bookstore for over a year and taking numerous phone calls for merchandise orders I felt it would be advantageous for the bookstore to have a website that allows online ordering. The current Bookstore site has one static page with all the merchandise and descriptions listed on it. It is somewhat confusing, hard to see, and unable to be updated. This is a constant problem when customers call in orders.

    The site I have designed allows... Read More