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  • Background
    Microsoft Access is a commonly used database application in many small businesses. Access suffers from many performance problems, however, as the amount of data in a database grows. As a result, many businesses are finding that they are trapped; they cannot afford to install Microsoft SQL Server and there is no easy way to migrate to a free database application, such as MySQL. Some free programs exist to perform this transfer, however, I have found that they do not transfer... Read More

  • Overview:
    The Magic Act, Inc. is a hair salon in Marion, NC. They currently keep track of their clients via a scheduling book. Most of their clients they know by name but do not keep any records of addresses or when they were last here. I developed a dynamic schedule for them to make appointments for their clients and also be able to keep info about those clients. This administration portion of their website also allows them to keep their current website,... Read More

  • Background
    Having family in the construction business, I have had the chance to spend most of my summers, and any extra time, working in that industry. I do spend a good bit of that time running around picking up and dropping off material for projects. During this time, I met the owners of Kitchens by Design and watched how they tracked their inventory. I asked them if I could create a system that would allow them to use their time more productively.

    Project Description
    ... Read More

  • After working for the Blue Banner for almost two years, updating static html pages every week I develeped a new design for the website. The new website is a dynamic user-friendly website that integrates new client and server technologies.
    The site is database driven and is edited/updated online by the Blue Banner Online Editor using a login/password combination. The newspaper can be updated from any computer in the world with an internet connection, without manually editing the database... Read More

  • Overview
    JMail is a cross-platform POP3 and SMTP mail client. This application is designed to run without modification on any architecture that supports and has installed the Java 2 runtime environment. It is likewise intended to adhere to applicable IEEE standards as defined by the relevant IETF Request For Comment documents, available at Applicable standards are defined in RFC numbers 2821, 2822, and 1939. The application will be... Read More

  • Overview:
    Computer owners are often surprised to see what websites have been visited by another user. Usually just attempting to view the web history is impossible because the user deleted it. With IE Logger, the owner can start the application, then hide it so that the user will not know that their web history is being logged.

    IE Logger uses C++. I chose C++ because it is the language that I was least experienced in. I wanted a challenge where I had to learn many... Read More

  • Project Conception
    As someone who has been interested in electronic music for years, and who has also been writing electronic music for much of that time, I have used numerous hardware and software synthesizers. This project gave me the opportunity to start delving into the theory of what makes these instruments work, and how best to create them. The experience gained from this project will allow me to more accurately realize my own ideas about sound design, as well as create... Read More

  • Description
    The 28th Judicial District Bar Association Website was created by the need to improve communications, update the local court system effectiveness, and to help reduce the court systems backlog of cases in a quick and efficient manor. This website will support approximately 550 users consisting of judges, lawyers, Pro Se litigants (those whom represent themselves), clerks, members and non-members of the 28th Judicial District Bar, and the public. UNCA was chosen to design and... Read More

  • Grover Gosnell Construction is a business that needed a new way to advertise to customers. They had no idea how to create a Web site that would be easily and readily accessible and showcase their work to potential clients. I proposed a Web site that could be used to show potential customers examples of work that previously had been done. In addition to the Web site, I proposed to construct a database of customer invoices, customers, and an employee timesheet. The company has filed the hard... Read More

  • Covenant Christian School is a Elementary, Middle, and High School located in Columbia, South Carolina. They posted their first school webpage just over 3 years ago and it only included a single main page. The next year the site was updated to include a small menu and some submenu catagories with all the pages being static html pages and some of the links not even working properly. This project was created to change the website so it will be easy to update quickly, allow new teachers the... Read More