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  • Overview: Cellular resellers called agents resell the service and phones of U.S. Cellular. Since they are independently owned and operated they do not have access to company software to track their commissions, inventory, or recurring revenue. This project's purpose was to create a database application that will allow agents to track their inventory and commissions independently of their parent company. The fact that no written policies or procedures as to how phone rebates (commission) were... Read More

  • Project Description:
    JRing is a Java application used as a performance tool for sound-manipulating computer musicians. The program allows a user to load a selected soundfile, which plays in an indefinite loop once a play button is pressed (a stop button is also provided). The user interface contains two sections for manipulating the audio: one section to add amplitude modulation, which includes slider controls for frequency and amplitude of the modulator wave, as well as a selector for... Read More

  • Project Description
    The Theatre for Young Audiences expressed the need for a system to maintain information about students, staff, donors, and sponsors. In an effort to meet both current and future needs, an application was designed using a Visual Basic.Net Graphical User Interface as the presentation tier and an Access XP database as the data tier.

    Project Analysis
    Organized using Systems Analysis and Design methods the project includes the following phases:

    ... Read More

  • Background
    I have been a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Western North Carolina, Pisgah Council, for the past 12 years. When my supervisor learned I was seeking a project, she asked if I would be interested in designing a database for GSWNCPCs annual adult training event, Trainfest. This event offers 100 to 150 participants placement in up to seven classes and meals throughout the weekend. Until now, the tracking of the data was done manually, including class placement, and payment and... Read More

  • Background
    In 1996, the UNCA CSCI 446 class created a system design for Highland Farms, a retirement community in Black Mountain. Mr. Massey then created a dBase system based on the design produced by the class. Over the years, the information captured and used by Highland Farms has changed, and the program is showing its age. In the spring of 2003, the users requested that the system be completely updated and converted into an Access database.

    The PIMS database... Read More

  • Background:
    A small group of published and un-published poets/writers that I am acquainted with desire to receive further recognition of their work, help one another progress in their collective writing careers, and hopefully get more work published by creating an identity through strength in numbers via an online presence.

    The site,, will be interfaced with a database containing all their works to date and have the capability to have new... Read More

  • Background
    The goal of this project was to create a dynamic database-driven website for a real estate company called Remax Mountain Properties. The company was created less than a year ago, two hours west of Asheville in Murphy North Carolina by a man named David Ritz. He did not have a web presence at the time and because of his past experiences with an ordinary static website, he strongly suggested building a dynamic site. Because much of Remax's business comes from customers in other... Read More

  • Background:
    The CCC is a computer store in Rutherford County North Carolina. The owners/workers build custom computer systems, networks, sell software and hardware, and are there for consulting. Until now The CCC has never had a website because the owners did not want the extra up keep. User requested a website that is easily updated, simple, and sleek.

    First a server was built from parts that were provided from The CCC. An additional Ethernet cable was run in... Read More

  • Background
    Apple Country Lawn and Landscape has been in business since 1996. The owner and his wife kept track of his business by storing information by hand, using pencil and paper. Everything from inventory to personnel information was hand written into ledger books. Once I saw this form of keeping track of his information, I knew I could make his business methods more efficient and more accurate. I talked to him about creating a computer application which would computerize his paper... Read More

  • Background:
    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a distributed, text based conferencing system relying on the client/server model. The simplest client is one who is capable of opening a socket connection to a server (RFC 1459). IRC allows users from around the world to connect and communicate with one another in formal channels or through private chat sessions. The value of this resource and the desire for a more user-friendly interface motivated me to create my own IRC client.

    Purpose:... Read More