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  • Background
    In order to conduct business with DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation, a firm must be QS-9000 registered. One particular requirement of QS-9000 is to keep maintenance on all machines and keep a log of that maintenance. Since Smoky Mountain Machining, Inc., SMM, is QS-9000 registered; they must maintain this requirement and other requirements that QS-9000 specifies to sustain business with these Big Three auto manufacturers. Fulfilling... Read More

  • Description: Snakey is to be an open-source snake game similar to those of the titles "Znake", "Gnibbles", and "Nibbles". (There are others as well, but too many to list them all.) It is meant to be able to be run as either a Java Applet or a Java stand-alone program. The purpose of the game is to move around eating pieces of food. As you eat the food you grow of shrink and gain points. The object is to gain as many points as possible before you die. You die when you run into a wall, barrier... Read More

  • Background
    Immaculata School is a private catholic school from grades pre-K up to 8th grade. There are around 200 students that attend school there. Before now the school kept all of the children's information on 8 x 10 cards. They also kept information in an excel spreadsheet. These systems lead to problems with losing information about children, sometimes causing conflicts in emergency situations. Immaculata needed a system where they could bring up any child's information in a short... Read More

  • Background
    My employer, Forest Health Protection, is a unit of the USDA Forest Service that deals with insect and disease pests on state, private, and other federal lands in the South. A personal computer (PC) application was needed to analyze southern pine beetle (SPB) data from infested pine stands to determine the feasibility of initiating a control project for the infestation.

    Project Description
    The application will have an ecological and an economic portion. The... Read More

  • Background
    UML or the Unified Modeling Language was adopted in November of 1997 to be used as a standard, industry wide development tool for designers. Its techniques were based on best known practices for the design and development of software with object-oriented features. However, the flexibility and power of UML also makes it equally complex. Because of this, normal UML development tools (such as Rational Rose) range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, taking them well out of... Read More

  • Project: To create a 3d Battle-Bot Arena in which I could model and code robots to fight.

    Description: Using Alias-Wavefront's 3d package Maya, it is possible to make a world complete with friction, gravity, mass, turbulence etc. by using rigid body dynamics and collision detection. With these tools, I created a simple arena in which "intelligent" robots can be placed. I applied Maya's Embedded Language (MEL) to these robots so that they could interact with the world around them and... Read More

  • Client
    The Eastern Administration Zone of the US Forest Service is composed of more than 1,200 employees in over 75 units spread throughout 13 states and Puerto Rico. There is one Human Resources department, which services all the positions in the entire zone.

    The HR department receives over a thousand requests a year and up until now attempted to track their processing via spreadsheets. This is cumbersome at best and requires many reports to be manually typed each... Read More

  • I have always had a high level of appreciation for voice manipulation. Even my childhood cartoons that used pitch manipulations interested me. It intrigued me that someone's voice could be completely changed into something amazingly surreal. It was a disappointment in my college years that there were no courses that touched on programming concepts concerning audio. As a result, for my Senior project, I chose to work with the Java 1.4.1 implementation supplied by Sun to gain valuable... Read More

  • Overview:
    Braktal is a program for generating fractals. Fractals are a fun and exciting branch of mathematics. Braktal is capable of going beyond the limitations of self-similar sets to include support for generating self-affine sets, which means that a much larger class of fractals can be generated. Furthermore, the program is fully-customizable, by virtue of a menu system with a total of 69 options.

    Braktal was developed in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0... Read More

  • Project Description: Three Dimensional visualization has become a very powerful tool for computer users in recent years. It gives users the ability to see data in a very natural and intuitive state. Perhaps the data that can benefit most from this 3D visualization is terrain. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides elevation data sets for nearly every region of the U.S. and its territories. This data is stored as arrays of elevation points in specifically formatted files called... Read More