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  • Description:
    For my senior project I chose a windows based chat application. In fact, the program is a chat application, but in a working environment may bear more resemblance to an instant messaging application. The initial idea sprang from a need to connect directly with other students living on campus, who accessed the campus network. The program was designed with the UNCA campus in mind, but will of course connect any two computers with a valid IP address connected to the Internet.... Read More

  • JSE (Java Sound Editor) is a simple sound editor written in pure Java using Sun Microsystems' Java 1.3.1 implementation. The aim for this project was to create a basic, easy-to-use sound editing application that could be used on any platform for which a Java virtual machine is available.

    Current features:

    • Audio file open and save - currently only supports signed, 16-bit, little-endian, stereo data in the form of PCM encoded WAV files
    • Import of MP3 to WAV format... Read More
  • A basic objective of the field of computer science is to take advantage of computers' ability to quickly perform repetitive tasks. Here at UNC-A, Dr. Bruce uses a Perl script written by Dr. Brock to grade Java programming assignments from her Introduction to Algorithms (CSCI 201) class. The program, which runs on a Unix platform, iteratively copies source files from each student's ftp directory into a working directory, compiles and runs the programs, and consolidates the source code and... Read More

  • BattleQuest is a role-playing game where everything is randomly generated. Role-playing is a genre of gaming where you put yourself in the position of a fictional character, often in a fantasy story. In BattleQuest there is no story other than that of an explorer who must constantly fight to survive. The character is generated using a MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) based menu, which generates a text file. Upon execution of the main executable, the character is introduced to a randomly... Read More

  • Abstract
    Mr. Joe Kimmel has an extensive collection of antiquities he wishes to display and keep inventory of on a website. This project will be to design, implement, test, and launch this website. This site will be database driven and require a public viewing section as well as an interface for database administration. The actual population of the database is beyond the scope of this project and will take place over an estimated 8 month period after project completion.

    I chose... Read More

  • Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp. is a multinational designer and manufacturer of guidance and navigational components and systems. Offices and manufacturing facilities are located throughout the United States; Matamoros, Mexico and Bnei Brak, Israel. Kearfott products are used in commercial, military and space exploration applications. Due to the fact that the majority of Kearfott's business involves the military, the company is required to adhere to export restrictions concerning... Read More

  • This project has produced a Java applet that visually displays the long division process used to calculate a cyclic redundancy checksum (CRC). A CRC is a method that uses binary modulo division to ensure that the transfer of data is accomplished without any corruption of the data. The applet takes user input in the form of a single letter and displays the polynomial form of the ASCII code for the letter as the data to be transmitted. The user then selects a generator polynomial and then has... Read More

  • Currently, the UNCA Athletic website is updated manually through FTP program by Mr. Mike Gore. He has knowledge about web languages; however, it is very inefficient to update the website manually in daily basis. Also the automatically updated calendar should be added to the main page, for more convenience for students and other viewers to have most current information, quick and efficiently, without they have to go through to find the list of events under each sports (so if a person is... Read More

  • Problem
    For the last two years I have worked on campus as a Resident Assistant for the Housing Office, and throughout this period I have seen several things that could be done more efficiently with the aid of computer systems. During the summer of 2002, I witnessed the complexity of the assignment process for incoming students. In the past, the Housing Office has submitted a paper form to incoming students that is used to attain their roommate preferences, which are then used in the... Read More

  • The West Asheville Multimedia compact disc (CD) is a project sponsored by the West Asheville History Project. The purpose of this project is to create a multimedia tour of the history of West Asheville. In this instance, the term multimedia encompasses text, audio, and images. Gathered and organized by a variety of contributors, this multimedia is intended to provide an educational and entertaining experience for its users.

    My involvement in this project first began in Susan Reiser's... Read More