YMICC Inc. Access Database System

To develop a Microsoft Access 2000 system in which table fields follow the Dublin Core format for the YMICC Inc. (Young Men's Institute Cultural Center Incorporated). These Access tables will be linked to forms and queries that will allow the YMICC staff to accurately archive the collections that the Cultural Center holds.

My goal was to create a small database system that the YMICC Inc. staff can use internally to add, edit, and search current (and future) archival collections featuring African American history in the Asheville-Buncombe area. At the same time this database will conform to the ECHO standard for National Libraries and Cultural Centers using Dublin Core Metadata fields. I chose to take on this project to experience being a part of a professional partnership while assisting a historically Black institution in my community during their time of technological change.

From the beginning of the project the ECHO methodology chosen to produce the needed products was not followed. This loss of structure lead to timeline and requirement constraints. Lack of communication (and miscommunication) between the partners, and equipment delays were added deterrents while attempting to complete the product for this project. While these problems continued to plague the development, classes like Systems Analysis and Design and Systems Development Management were useful tools to help me find better ways to communicate with my user so that I could meet as many of the project goals as possible. Through the proper communication I was also able to help the YMICC Inc. think about additional add-ons to the system in the form of future requirements. The system in Microsoft Access consists of a series of tables with Dublin Core Metadata fields, which are connected to forms created for data entry ease and record look-up simplicity. With the aid of Visual Basic code I was able to create these forms with active controls and data entry techniques requested by the user. Reports (backed by queries) were created to assist the YMICC Inc. staff in review their archived data. With documentation in the Visual Basic code any individuals who want to make future modifications to the system will be able to do so accordingly.

Advisor: Charles Massey

Student Name: 
Torie Leslie