Web Access and Conversion of Invasive Exotic Plants Database

Many non-native plant species have been introduced into our environment; some of them becoming invasive and threatening equilibrium within the ecosystem. These species are currently being tracked by the USDA Forest Service in a Microsoft Access Database with data entry via the associated Access forms. As of 2008, only one researcher, Josephine Falcone, was able to access the database for data entry. Since then, there have been numerous changes to the database structure along with the need to enable worldwide web accessibility.

The most efficient way to do this is to enable a web presence of the database in a MySQL environment via PHP. This first requires a complete conversion of the database from Microsoft Access to MySQL, followed by the use of PHP for viewing and updating the database through a web page rather than an Access form.

After the completion of the project, researchers will be able to collaborate on this serious environmental issue with greater efficiency regardless of their location.

Advisor: Dr. Joe Brownsmith

Student Name: 
Chris Fabiszak