Student Project Archive

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  • About the Company
    Duncan Machine is a business that provides services to regional industries. It replicates parts by using blueprints, or designs them in house. Duncan Machine currently keeps track of data manually, without any computer assistance.

    Project Description

    • To design an Access 2000 database according to the customer specs
    • This database will keep track of inventory, past sales, purchases, and unpaid invoices, and other aspects of the business... Read More
  • In the fall of 1982 a temporary software program was developed for University Computing at UNCA to assist in tracking the time and wages of their temporary employees. This program, dubbed LAPROG, was designed only to be a temporary fix. It is now the fall of 2002, some twenty years later, and that temporary fix is still in use. For some time, a major upgrade has been needed, and Midas is just the system to do it.

    With Midas, gone is the cumbersome text-based interface, replaced with a... Read More

  • Product Description & Development

    The project consists of building a commercial shopping cart system that is modifiable by users through their system browser. The shopping cart system is web-based software that uses Microsoft Access database and Cold Fusion scripting language. The database is keeping information about each category, subcategory, its products and users orders.

    The shopping cart has capabilities of setting up your own username and password, which controls the... Read More

  • Asian Students in Asheville is a relatively new student organization that was started in the 2000 Fall semester.After the first couple semesters of existence, it became clear that the organization was having some problems keeping all members in the know and that a tool that could help with club management and communications could be of benefit to ASIA.

    The idea was to have a database that would help manage certain aspects of the organization such as: roster, mailing list, meeting... Read More

  • McKee Custom Drywall is a locally owned and operating business in Western North Carolina. As a growing company, McKee Custom Drywall was in great need of a new form of a financial accounting system. At the time, approximately one year ago, MCD was dealing with completely too much paperwork and had a limited understanding of computer technologies available for their business. After hearing of their dilemma, I offered a solution to their problem. That solution was for me to create a financial... Read More

  • Background
    Firefighters Safety Association (FSA) is a nonprofit organization founded by firefighters for firefighters and, in addition to firefighter members, includes emergency medical technicians. FSA has two initial underlying goals: first, provide line-of-duty death benefits to families of fallen firemen for a reasonable annual membership fee; second, promote safety within the ranks of all firefighting personnel. FSA is a new organization, but needs a database to administer member... Read More

  • Once upon a time, games such as Doom and Wolfenstein were hailed for their innovative and addictive gameplay. Since then, the gaming industry has been inundated with first-person shooters and complicated graphics engines. While many have played Doom or Wolfenstein, and many more have enjoyed recent titles such as Quake, how many can claim they actually programmed a graphics engine (without pilfering code)? For my senior project, I left the database at home and embarked on a challenging and... Read More

  • Project:
    I implemented an MSN Messenger 1.0 Client that will run on Microsofts PocketPC Operating System.

    MSN Messenger is a service that allows people to communicate over the internet in real time.  Competitors to MSN Messenger service are AOL Messaging (including AOL Proprietary Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger Standalone, and ICQ) and Yahoo! Messenger.

    13.4 million unique users spent 4.9 billion minutes using instant-... Read More

  • The purpose of the project:
    The purpose of this project was to create an interactive learning tool to educate interested parties on the history of West Asheville. Dr. Phyllis Lang served as the information supplier, and the liaison between the library and the UNCA subset of the collaboration, Susan and me.

    The implementation and development of the project:
    Our decision to incorporate the program on a CD-ROM was based on an early assumption that our primary user base would... Read More

  • Project Description:
    For my senior project I choose to do a game based on the Towers of Hanoi. The Towers of Hanoi is a legend made up by the mathematician Edouard Lucas in the year 1883. The legend states that somewhere in India there is a jungle where a group of Hindu monks guard three towers. On one of these towers there are 62 rings, which decrease in size as you go up. Supposedly the monks must move these rings from one pole to another. When the last ring has been moved the end of... Read More