Student Project Archive

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  • AudubonTree Project includes:
    Web Presence

    I assisted AudubonTree Service with their advertising using computer graphic tools to generate a corporate logo used on mailing materials, brochures, website, invoices, financial statements, etc. Also, I assisted in creation of copy for the website; including site layout, site graphics, description of services, an adapted mission statement, and organization of contact and... Read More

  • Abstract
    The EEDS Project is an effort to design a comprehensive system of recording and verifying attendance at Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities.  EEDS will document in detail the entire educational activity for both the participant (physicians and medical personnel) and the sponsor of the activity.  This project is a significant step in creating an entirely web-based system for all participants to access.  This paper presents a discussion of the background... Read More

  • S. A. F. E. N. E. T. is a victim assistance program being coordinated by the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department. It stands "Sheriff's Assistance for Empowerment Through Networking, Education and Training".

    A Victim's Assistance Program addresses the emotional, physical and financial impact of crime. It provides services and support to aid the victim in recovering some sense of normalcy after the crisis. It does not perform the role of the investigator. Rather if focuses on the... Read More

  • Electronic design automation (EDA) and hardware descriptive languages (HDL) are reshaping the integrated circuit (IC) industry. An HDL is a computer-based language having special constructs and semantics to model, represent and simulate the functional behavior and timing of digital hardware. HDLs provide an alternative to traditional schematic based design styles, where designers focused on transistor and gate level abstractions. HDLs enable designers to focus on the relationships between... Read More

  • Community CarePartners, Inc. (CCP) is a cooperative venture among five nonprofit healthcare providers in Western North Carolina. The purpose of CCP is to provide a full continuum of post-acute and community-based care, from acute inpatient rehabilitation to hospice services, home health to long-term and sub-acute care, adult day health services to independent living. The five member organizations of CCP are MountainCARE, Mountain Area Hospice, Thoms Rehabilitation Hospital, Visiting Health... Read More

  • Project Goals

    • Why Did I Choose This Project?
    • Development of Project
    • What Problems Did I Encounter?
    • What Did I Learn
    • Final Thoughts?

    Why Did I Choose This Project

    • Personal Interest
    • Better Record Keeping
    • Allow Quick Access to Records
    • It's The Year 2K

    Development of Project

    1. Organizing Tables

    • Deciding on Table Input
    • Normalizing Tables
    • ... Read More
  • Ingles Markets, Inc., my employer, requested that a method of paying annual bonuses be designed to work with SAP. Ingles converted their Legacy systems to SAP in October 1999 and Payroll and HR were converted as of January 1, 2000. The combination of working with legacy data and working with SAP tables presented quite a challenge. The true problem in this project lies with being able to identify the employees that were management and the employees that were non-management for the fiscal year... Read More

  • Project Goal: The ultimate goal of this project was to create a computer game, which would be playable between two opponents over a network. Specific design goals were the development of a method of establishing and maintaining a connection between two client programs, an easy to use and visually appealing interface, and game design that's both simple to understand and fun to play.


    • Finding a starting point -- This project's beginnings are in a story written by a... Read More
  • This project is a web accessible database for a local catering company. Originally the plan was to make their commercial database system, CaterEase, accessible through a web site hosted on a Windows server. Plans changed and I had to create the project using tools freely available, and resources already in place at UNCA. I created a small database in MySQL, a freely available relational database product, and created a web site for them, hosted on the CS server. Working around problems with... Read More

  • This project is an application designed primarily for college students who want an easy way to keep their course assignments and deadlines organized. Palm devices, such as the one that this application was tested on, are becoming ubiquitous in todays fast-paced world. With the growing popularity of multi-purpose cellular phones, applications such as this one will only become more in demand.

    The platform independence of the Java programming language is the primary reason it was chosen... Read More