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  • Geographic Information Systems are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the analysis of large geospatial data sets. In order to present this data visually in an interactive fashion, Unity, a software package used to create video games, has been utilized to fabricate fully explorable, three-dimensional game levels using real-world geographic data and satellite photography. Unity is freely available for web deployment, which has contributed to its rapid adoption by colleges and universities. In... Read More

  • This will describe how I learned PHP in such a manner to develop an Internet community. It describes the use of the Apache Web Server, PHP 5 MySQL, CSS HTML, and JavaScript. It includes a brief history of technical skill, in addition to an exploration of my thought and planning processes over the past year.

  • CHILD: A relational database developed for the Save the Children non-profit organization.

    CHILD was originally a CSCI 446 project which only completed design for the Save the Children Eastern Area Office (Asheville) which had not had a database previously. CHILD input comes from programs in seven states which serves 15,000 sponsored children and almost triple that number in unsponsored children. CHILD, while maintaining the organization to program relationship, tracks utilization of... Read More

  • Background: General Signal Laboratory Equipment, located in north Asheville, is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, which is used in both medical and scientific research communities. These products include ultra-low temperature freezers, refrigerators, blood banks, incubators, ovens and furnaces. The manufacture of these products requires thousands of parts, as well as complicated bills of material which include every raw and manufactured part required in production.

    Goal... Read More

  • Mrs. Fran Smith, a professional genealogist, spends a great deal of time gathering bits of information often from ancient archives in order to put together family histories. This information can often be elusive and hard to find. While researching one individual, she sometimes encounters bits of information on another. But the time to investigate this second individual will come at a later time; first, she must complete the information on the targeted individual. Because of the nature of her... Read More

  • Abstract

    This project presents a statistical analysis of the efficiency (in terms of raw speed) of eleven sorting algorithms: bubble sort, heap sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort, "enhanced" quick sort, "fast" quick sort, radix sort, selection sort, shaker sort, and Shell sort. (A brief description of the working of each algorithm is contained within the program.)

    Each algorithm is used to sort 300 arrays of random integers. The first 100 arrays are of increasing... Read More

  • To query databases of various types on multiple platforms requires a unique program. Different platforms typically mean different programs to execute the same SQL statements. My project was to utilize the methods java provides to solve this problem.

    An interface was built using the new Swing classes in Java, which are part of the upcoming Java Foundation Classes. The Java Database connectivity API (JDBC) was used as the machine underneath the interface that communicates with different... Read More

  • Raytracing is a method of making photorealistic pictures. The basic concept involves following a ray from a point of view through a pixel and into a scene file. This ray will either strike an object or travel to infinity. If the ray does not strike an object then the pixel that it intersects will be set to a default color. On the other hand, if the ray strikes an object, then the nature of that object must be determined. In this particular ray tracing program an object can be a reflective... Read More

  • In the CSCI 346 class, Computer Graphics, the OpenGL library was explored. The class stopped short of exploring lighting techniques used by OpenGL. My Senior Project utilizes these techniques by implementing the different types of lighting. Ambient, specular, distant, positional, and spot lights were examined in close detail. Shadows were also implemented to add realism to the scene. My project was done on the alpha UNIX workstations which has the OpenGL software installed.

    My method... Read More

  • Abstract
    The nature of binary multiplication enables the use of a hardware device called a binary multiplier to produce the product of two binary numbers. When two binary digits are multiplied, if both digits are ones, the result is one. If one or both of the digits are zero, the result is zero. This result happens to be the same as the result of an AND operation or the output of an AND gate. AND gates can be combined with half-adders and full-adders to produce the product of two binary... Read More