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  • This website is based on an actual desire of mine to have my own business. I got the idea from an Internet cafe that I frequented often when I was in Germany. My intentions of this website will be used for people looking for an Internet Cafe in the local area. On the website will be a form for customers to reserve either a desktop or laptop. This form will be connected to the database, which is updated with the customer's information such as name and address to keep track of potential... Read More

  • Many non-native plant species have been introduced into our environment; some of them becoming invasive and threatening equilibrium within the ecosystem. These species are currently being tracked by the USDA Forest Service in a Microsoft Access Database with data entry via the associated Access forms. As of 2008, only one researcher, Josephine Falcone, was able to access the database for data entry. Since then, there have been numerous changes to the database structure along with the need to... Read More

  • Current web based data visualization technologies do not provide users with enough scalability and interactivity. The open source project Multigraph aims to create a bridge between usability and scalability, and it supplies users with unique interactivity and simplicity. Multigraph is web based software implemented through the open source Flex SDK and ActionScript. It relies on the power of the browser independent Adobe Flash plugin to render vector based graphics. The primary unique feature... Read More

  • A large relational database is populated with data which is collected on a national scale. When customers make requests for data from this database, greater than one hundred queries have to be run, per request, to generate a customer report. As the database grows in size, and simultaneously serves multiple clients, the speed and efficiency of this relational database implementation will be greatly affected. Response times will increase, as well as the load that will be placed on the server's... Read More

  • Problem Statement: A small consignment shop is in need of a system to manage the inventory of their store. They have an extremely limited budget, and do not want to purchase an expensive software suite in such a risky economic environment. In a single software package they will need the ability to handle in-store transactions, mange inventory, create reports, and create an online presence.

    Purpose: To create an affordable inventory management system for a small, family-operated... Read More

  • Web development has skyrocketed in past decade to a multi-million dollar industry. An ongoing struggle remains for developers to produce effective and interactive web sites faster than their predecessors. The essential collaboration between web designers and web programmers increases development time because the two parties, must, at times, wait on each other and work in tandem on the same files. However, with the use of new tools it is possible for designers and programmers to work... Read More

  • Problem Statement: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition has many character options for players. In fact, any player may have to research almost 30 books just to find a character option they qualify for. Any player would benefit from a program that could have many books worth of information in one place and let the player use their own character to see what options they apply for or are close to applying for.

    Purpose: To create a database that contains over a dozen books worth of character... Read More

  • This project explored the use of data warehousing and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) to provide additional functionality for the Nation Climatic Data Center's (NCDC) Climate Data Online (CDO) system. The CDO system provides access to global climatological datasets which can be efficiently accessed and interrogated using spatial data cubes and multidimensional expression (MDX) queries. The project used Mondrian OLAP server to perform data cube analysis and as the front-end for user... Read More

  • This project seeks to explore and analyze the software development and distribution life cycle of a publicly available Mobile Web Application. This application displays entertainment information, along with specials, for a number of local venues. Users can search by text, date, and location type, as well as sort search results by a number of criteria. Furthermore, the application takes advantage of mobile device specific functionality, most notably device geolocation information and the... Read More