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  • Instead of a typical hack and slash, would users enjoy more choice in their combat? In this fighting game, users choose how their attacks are performed. If the player cannot best the opponent face to face, perhaps a surprise attack from above will work? The user enjoys the ability to move freely, jumping up buildings to create an opening for attack, or escape from a pursuer. Using Unity and Blender, the game is a clean looking attempt at seeing if gamers enjoy what they think they want... Read More

  • The purpose of this project is to design and develop a Java program to play a legal game of Chinese checkers. Artificial Intelligence, or more precisely, predictive modeling algorithms search for winning moves and predicts the opponent’s moves. In this project an A* search algorithm with iterative deepening is used to search through an array of possible moves to find the desired outcome. The algorithms implemented in this project have many applications on outside of this project. Working... Read More

  • High flying hijinks can be had by all with the Aerial Automaton. This project consists of the development of a working autonomous Multirotor Aerial Vehicle (MAV), a type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The MAV utilizes a state-of-the-art flight controller, which along with sensor input allows for safe flying and operation, independent of the pilot’s experience level. The flight controller employs NuttX, a real-time, variant of Linux, operating system and the computer programming is done in... Read More

  • Mobile applications are a multi-billion dollar industry, and a fairly large segment of that market is mobile games -- especially games for smartphones. Encouraged by numerous inspirational stories like the Wall Street Journal’s story of the Raleigh-based developers of Temple Run, I designed and developed an Android game. This game follows the popular model of the player trying to travel the farthest distance possible while dodging obstacles and acquiring power-ups. The game also keeps track... Read More

  • Analyzing behavior via a social network like Twitter is an increasingly popular technique for understanding social dynamics in real time. Twitter is extremely simple in nature, allowing users to place brief, text-only expressions online via ‘status updates’ or ‘tweets’ that are no more than 140 characters in length. Twitter's framing tends to yield in-the-moment expressions that reflect users' current experiences, making the service an ideal input signal for a real time societal... Read More

  • The project consists of the design and development of a software system for a local cab company which wants to explore the viability of integrating GPS hardware into their software and business systems. The software will track employee operations and work history, including GPS tracking of location data. The software was developed in Java and tailored to the specific needs of the employer, with intermediary testing on several versions until a satisfactory product was developed. This... Read More

  • Many of us have a refrigerator, cupboard, or pantry filled with foods and ingredients that we purchased and never used; mainly because we ran out of ideas or interesting recipes that put these perfectly good provisions to use. No longer will you need to stare blankly at the contents of your kitchen and try to decide what you can make for dinner. Sam's New Millennium Cookbook is an Android app that allows the user to browse, submit, and customize recipes from a database. One key feature will... Read More

  • This project is geared towards simplifying the character creation process for the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. When using this application, players can select their desired race and class, whereupon the virtual character sheet will display the corresponding variables for each character attribute ("stat") point within a user-friendly layout. These variables are pre-determined and serve as the recommended value for each point, based on the level, race and class selected by the... Read More

  • My senior project is a web application that uses an HTML 5 canvas, JavaScript, and the WebGL API to implement a 3D interactive environment for viewing objects or models. The app has the functionality to load a model or object into the 3D scene from a file. The user can manipulate the model view with intuitive controls for rotation and zoom. Dr. Marietta E. Cameron and her undergraduate research team provided test data for the app. The data are 3D models of human heads stored in the standard... Read More

  • Break is an online role playing game. Upon visiting the games web page players can create an account and download the game client. From the game client players can log in and connect to a server. In the game players can interact and perform a variety of tasks with each other in real-time. Each player is able to choose between three classes that have separate attributes and abilities. The three classes are: a close range class that can take heavy damage, a mid range class that can deal heavy... Read More