SARCS Web Site Development

Web development has skyrocketed in past decade to a multi-million dollar industry. An ongoing struggle remains for developers to produce effective and interactive web sites faster than their predecessors. The essential collaboration between web designers and web programmers increases development time because the two parties, must, at times, wait on each other and work in tandem on the same files. However, with the use of new tools it is possible for designers and programmers to work independently on the same project. This project focuses on the programmer and the development of the database driven web site. Adobe Flash Catalyst Beta 2 (Catalyst) is the connection between the team members. The designer will be working in Catalyst for the design layout of the web site, with the help of Adobe Illustrator for specific image processing tasks, such as creating shapes or editing images and other graphics. The programmer will use Access2007 for the database, ColdFusion for the queries, and Flash Builder for the programming or coding.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Amber Ramirez