Sam’s New Millennium Cookbook

Many of us have a refrigerator, cupboard, or pantry filled with foods and ingredients that we purchased and never used; mainly because we ran out of ideas or interesting recipes that put these perfectly good provisions to use. No longer will you need to stare blankly at the contents of your kitchen and try to decide what you can make for dinner. Sam's New Millennium Cookbook is an Android app that allows the user to browse, submit, and customize recipes from a database. One key feature will allow the user to see which recipes he/she can make by selecting ingredients from a list, presumably those already at hand. The app will also recalculate the recipe if the user wishes to change the number of servings. From the recipe page the user will be able to set a timer, review and rate the recipe, take a picture (e.g. of finished product) and "favorite" or "save for later." The app will also calculate an approximation of the recipes nutritional content: calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein per serving. The application was developed in Eclipse using the Android SDK with JSON, MySQL, and PHP to access an online database and the Android SQLite database for storing users' saved recipes and ingredients.

Advisor: Marietta Cameron

Student Name: 
Samuel Chalvet