Student Project Archive

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  • Today, a tremendous amount of communication occurs over the Internet. When we are not face-to-face we rely on technologies such as email, messaging programs, and websites to keep us updated and informed. For nonprofit organizations, it can be difficult to collaborate efficiently and effectively to members of the organization through older, slower, and tedious methods of communication such as mass-email threads, and to offer information to prospective volunteers or those seeking additional... Read More

  • You don’t have to be Madonna to incorporate Kabbalistic mysticism into your music! Drawing on the principles of esoteric Tarot card reading and avant-garde composition, the Gnosis sequencing device will produce new and dynamic melodic patterns by performing a ‘Tarot reading’ on the musician’s initial musical input. The musician will be able to adjust parameters for the reading, save reading parameters, and input new musical data in real-time. The device will first be prototyped in software,... Read More

  • Being a pet owner requires a multi-year daily commitment, to provide and care for the pet. While most pet owners are able to make adjustments in their lifestyle to accommodate the needs of an animal, there are, at times, unavoidable conflicts which prevent us from fulfilling our responsibilities. The primary challenges dog owners face are providing food and water, a place to eliminate waste, and exercise. This project solves the first, and arguably most important, challenge of providing food... Read More

  • The most popular video games are not always the most expensive ones. Gamers continue to enjoy playing the original Pacman arcade game. The player assumes the role of Pacman and races to collect all of the yellow dots on the map without getting caught by one of four ghosts chasing after him. But, how would the experience change for players if the game were to be played from the perspective of one of the ghosts? This project demonstrates this viewpoint swap. By developing and testing a new... Read More

  • Businesses utilize the Internet and web technology in order to make the use of their products simpler, more accessible, and better organized. For similar reasons, UNC Asheville’s Academic Policies Committee (APC) wanted to convert their legacy system of creating new classes and modifying existing ones from paper to a web-based system. Using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), this project fulfills the APC’s requirements by creating a web application and its underlying database.

  • As online experiences have become more media-rich, the strict line of “content creator” and “consumer” has blurred. More than ever, Internet users have turned to a third mode of media participant, the “curator”. Many of the content production and promotion platforms that exist on the Internet, such as social media platforms, facilitate the uses of the consumer and the creator, but not the curator. Utilizing Node.js and it’s family of web technologies and state-of-the-art video processing... Read More

  • A Pokédex is an encyclopedia of all the creatures in Pokémon, the collection of anime characters in the video and trading card games first released in 1996. Unfortunately, the Pokédex within the games is incomplete, thus players refer to websites that offer the additional information in a table or spreadsheet-like format. The user experience when using the Pokédex websites is neither interactive nor visually appealing. This project created an interactive, intuitively usable, and visually... Read More

  • Last year streaming music had overtaken MP3 downloads for the first time, and while music fans love it, a few major artists have been vocal in their opposition. One notable artist was Taylor Swift, who not only refused to release her latest album on Spotify in November 2014, but also removed her entire back catalog off the service, calling the service a “grand experiment.” Therefore music industry pundits want to gauge artist sentiment regarding streaming music and determine how many artists... Read More

  • This project consisted of building a website for the NC Festival of Science Scavenger Hunt. Each challenge in the scavenger hunt is based on standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The goal was to build the system that will run the scavenger hunt in such a way that its audience, in this case, 7th grade students, will find most engaging. Mini-games present real world problems to students with incremental levels of difficulty. Students were asked to demonstrate their... Read More

  • In recent years, remote controlled helicopter flight has been one of the fastest growing hobbies worldwide. A leading factor in the rising interest is the ability to automate flight by using an onboard computer and GPS receiver to navigate through virtual waypoints without human interaction. At altitudes above trees, buildings, and power lines, the system gathers information from dozens of GPS satellites, making its location information remarkably accurate; however, below these obstructions... Read More