Sagebrush Steakhouse On-line Menu

The Sagebrush Steakhouse On-line Menu was designed for travelers to view the menu of a restaurant and allow them to order on-line if desired.  The customer can view all items of the menu, such as appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages.  The prices are also included with the items.This was designed to bring the convenience of home to an out of town traveler.

I chose this project because I have worked in the restaurant business for seven years and I think an on-line menu could be a helpful tool to a traveler who does not know too much about the area he is visiting.  An on-line menu could give the customer a chance to view the restaurant before making the decision to dine there.  They would know exactly what they wanted to eat and the location of the store they were interested in.  Also, if they did not want to go out to eat, they could browse the menu, order on-line, and have the food delivered to them.

The project contains a web site created to make the customer feel like they are in the restaurant with all the same choices as the dine-in customer.  They can view the item, price, and in some cases, view the picture of the item.  When the customer goes to the main page, they will find a list of categories pertaining to the main menu, such as lunch, dinner, or kids menu.  From there, the customer can place an order by entering information into a form and that information will be saved in the database.  The customer must choose to eat in, pick up or have their food delivered.  Another option is the customer can browse the menu before deciding to dine-in.

This project uses multiple web-based technologies as well as dynamic web access of a database.  Much of the information that is viewed on the web site is loaded from a database that was created in Microsoft Access.  Order information is entered into the database using web forms.  Special access to the database is given to the customer for specific requests, such as all items under $15.  The web site was created using HTML, Java-Script, and ASP.  These languages were all hand coded and no design tool was used for support.  The HTML was used to design the web site's look and feel, while the Java-Script and ASP are used to import and export items from the database.  The HTML was also used to build frames for structural and navigational purposes.

I had a few problems while developing my website.  One problem was getting my site to navigate correctly using frames.  I learned that I only needed one frameset to navigate instead of multiple framesets because the rest of my pages could be loaded in to the original frameset.  Another problem I encountered was finding typos in the code.  This was very difficult and time consuming.  The hardest problem was getting the ASP code to work with the database.  Simply learning and playing around with the code to see how it worked solved this problem.

This project has been very challenging as I had to learn several new languages while creating the web site without the use of a web tool.  Also, getting the web site and database to work together was a difficult process.  Overall, the project was rewarding and beneficial to my education.

Advisor: Walt Turner

Student Name: 
Rebecca Lilly