Ricker Trucking System

Company Information:
Ricker Trucking is a small independent trucking company located in Hot Springs, N.C. Darell Ricker, the owner, does dispatch work for independent truck drivers. He is responsible for finding the loads, and his salary is a percentage of the cost of the load.

Ricker Trucking does not have a database. He has used his computer to manually create invoices. His computer uses the Windows operating system and has Microsoft Office 2000.

The goal is to develop the Ricker Trucking System, which will store all information that the user needs. The database will store information on customers, employees, equipment, and loads. It should allow invoices to be created based on the load information. The system should be easy to use. The database will be developed using Access, which is already installed on the computer.

Project Development:
The system has entry forms for the following:
     A. Customers
     B. Employees
          1. Physicals
          2. Drug tests
     C. Equipment
     D. Equipment inspection dates
     E. Loads
          1. Additional charges
          2. Additional pickups or stops
     F. Invoice

The system also includes reports to update the user on when employees need physicals and when equipment needs to be inspected. Another report allows the user to see which invoices have not been paid.

Advisor: Professor Charles Massey

Student Name: 
Kathy Brown