Preferred Properties Web Site

The Preferred Properties web application was developed for a local real estate company.  The site was designed with visual simplicity and easy maintenance as its primary goals.  The critical site maintenance consists of updating the listing or agent information.  Because it requires no programming or HTML knowledge, the staff of Preferred Properties can easily perform it.

The web site consists of two independent areas and a database. The public area contains web pages which display information about real estate agents, property listings, links and general information about the Asheville area and relocation information.  The private administration area contains web pages which update the database.The database contains content for the agent information and listing pages in the public area.  It also provides uploading of images for listing properties and agent photos.

The web pages are ASP (Active Server Pages) pages which include client and server-side VBScript.  The site was created in Visual Interdev 6.0. However, the site does not incorporate components from this application that would require it for future development.  A Microsoft Access Database is integrated into the site with ADO connectivity.SAFileUP by Software Artisans is used for uploading agent photo and listing image files.  Due to security reasons the current hosting provider does not support the Microsoft Internet Information Server file management controls.

During the design phase I worked with Jane McNeil.  During the testing and implementation, I worked with the Ann Lathan the Office Manager and various office staff to assist them in learning to work with their scanner, graphic software, and how to update the data on their web site.  The primary obstacle of my project was focusing on the project itself and not the various IT needs of the company.  I feel that I gained valuable experience in working with the user and completing all of the project requirements.

This project incorporated skills and knowledge which I gained through the core Computer Science courses. The earlier programming courses provided me with a foundation to quickly learn and use a new language while implementing an efficient design focused on modularity and code reuse.  The Systems Development Management, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis and Design Methods and specifically the Systems Analysis and Design Project provided me with valuable skills and tools needed to complete this project and work with the user.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Melissa Clontz