OpenGL Dragstrip

For my senior project I designed a fully functional dragstrip game written with OpenGL. The dragstrip was designed to be as real to life as a normal operating dragstrip. There are rules, time limitations and various other functions to make the game run smoothly. The game's track has the same physical dimensions as a normal dragstrip, and is operated by time constructs. The car has similar characteristics similar to those of a normal drag car. The car moves up the track, accelerating , decelerating and changing gears to increase speed. An overall clock is set up to gauge the time it takes the car to leave the start line and cross the finish line. This clock will only be turned on when the car left the start line at the correct time (i.e. green light).

The project was written in visual C++ with the OpenGL library. Although the dimensional design was laid out in AutoCAD the coordinates were manually laid out on paper. The basic construction of the movement and timing of the drag car was developed in two distinct test kits built specifically for the project. These two kits helped break the project up into individual pieces to make them easier to solve.

This project brought together the entire curriculum of the Computer Science courses. The programing courses, however, contributed to the project much more then any other courses including Computer Graphics. Overall I have totally enjoyed this senior project and think it is an excellent example of the skills that I have learned in the Computer Science field.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Jonathan McDonald