MyWebAdvisor: A Student Schedule Predictor Using MySQL and PHP

My project is a web-based application that advises a student on which classes they should take in an upcoming semester based on what major the student declared and what classes they have or have not already taken. This application makes use of a MySQL database that contains user-generated student information. The list of required classes needed for each degree is also contained the database. MySQL queries are used to create the algorithm which determines which classes would be optimal for an individual student to take. These classes are displayed in a web form, which is constructed using PHP. In other words, the application compares the classes a student has taken to a list of degree requirements and classes offered. It then generates the optimal semester schedule for a student, which is displayed in a web page. This helps students determine which classes they should sign up for in a given semester. It also cuts down on the amount of different resources students must use to research what classes they need to take, and which ones are being offered in the next semester.

Advisor: Marietta Cameron

Student Name: 
Andrew Robinette