Madison Storage Database and Web Search

Madison Storage is a mini storage business located in Whiteville, NC, which provide mini storage units for the residence and businesses of that city and surrounding counties.They are currently in the process of expanding their base by acquiring additional sites and building more mini storage units in surrounding counties and inside the city of Whiteville.

Recently Madison Storage has expanded their core business to include climate controlled record storage to serve the legal and professional businesses in the area.This new responsibility has brought them increased paper work to keep track of the high number of records that may be housed inside their units.Also, the responsibility of delivering records to organizations such as the county hospital has required them to be available almost every day of the year.Being a small family run business does not allow them to hire extra workers or to have someone present at the facility at all hours.Due to this limited work force, they will need some way to quickly search and find needed records on a weekend basis when the office is not open.

The goal of this project was to create a database that would contain information on renters or units searchable in a faster, timelier manner than manually searching through a filing cabinet.Included in this goal was to create a web interface for searches in order to provide the owners with a fast way to find where records are on the weekends and on holidays.This web search would allow them to discover and retrieve records from units without requiring the owners to travel to the office in order to obtain the records or totransport them to users.

In starting this project, I realized they had no formal computer system to keep track of units or records in a central location. I had to start from the bottom up in order to create a way for them to eventually search for records/units.I encountered many problems when beginning the development of this system.The design began by finding out exactly what Madison wanted in this database.This became complex when the implementation specific development began.I have developed a system that will work well and will be easy to maintain in the future when adding units and or recording space.

When the database aspects were in tune, the marrying of this information to the web posed some problems.Learning aspects of ASP and how it ran took research.Also finding a server that allowed me to test the ASP scripts from the Web was challenging but worked out effectively.

I believe my senior project has been a success for two reasons, not only have I personally benefited from the experience that I have gained from this exercise, but also created a system that will aid the user to manage and further expand their business.The package has been completed and will soon be implemented as an integral tool to manage this rapidly growing business.This system will allow the user to have more flexibility and ease of operation, and will free up time that is spent managing and filing paper forms that are currently being used by the management at Madison Storage.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Stephen Hull