JFtp A Java FTP Client

JFtp is a graphical FTP client written in Java. An FTP client is a program that allows the user to connect to a remote server and transfer files to and from the server. JFtp has a graphical interface that allows the user to execute commands by simply pressing a button or dragging an object somewhere. Visual confirmation to command execution is given in two ways: by a progress bar and by a log window. The purpose of this project is to combine as many of the flavors of computer science as possible into one discrete package. JFtp uses the Java 1.2 SDK and can only be run on the Java 1.2 virtual machine. JFtp uses several new aspects of the 1.2 SDK such as:

  • Drag & Drop 
  • Split Panes 
  • Pluggable Look & Feel 
  • Progress Bar 
  • Image Icons

JFtp is registered with JARS, an online Java rating service.

Advisor: Dr. Joe Daugherty

Student Name: 
Vance Bell