IMUGE -- a 3D Interactive Multi-User Graphics Engine

Once upon a time, games such as Doom and Wolfenstein were hailed for their innovative and addictive gameplay. Since then, the gaming industry has been inundated with first-person shooters and complicated graphics engines. While many have played Doom or Wolfenstein, and many more have enjoyed recent titles such as Quake, how many can claim they actually programmed a graphics engine (without pilfering code)? For my senior project, I left the database at home and embarked on a challenging and self-rewarding task of software dev! elopment: the creation of my own interactive multi-user graphics engine.

The graphics engine itself is crafted using C and OpenGL, while the intermediary server used to convey information between multiple engines is programmed using Java. The engine is feature-rich, allowing the user full 360-degree movement, networking and multi-user capabilities, control over environmental lighting, the ability to change visual perspectives, and independent levels to navigate.

Additionally, the utilization of programming languages allows for a theoretically painless port of the engine to alternate platforms. The engine's integrated C networking components have already been compiled and tested in a Linux/Unix environment.

All source files have been constructively documented and will be released to the general public for educational benefit.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
David L Stair