Gigheap - Optimizing Computer Science Job Searches in Asheville

The search for fulfilling employment as a new graduate in computer science can be challenging, but need not be intimidating. As with any task, the right tools can make a difference. Gigheap provides Asheville computer science job seekers current information about new job listings as well as other relevant events such as continuing education opportunities and meet-ups. Gigheap utilizes the Ruby on Rails web-application framework which provides 'out-of-the-box' solutions for basic application needs including routing, sessions, HTML/CSS generation, and testing. Gigheap also uses the Twitter API to notify followers of new job postings and related events as soon as they are submitted to the site. The recipient is then able to follow a link in the tweet to more information about the particular listing. Of course, Gigheap also offers users a more traditional web-experience by visiting the website directly, and aims to streamline the interaction with a more user-friendly interface. Gigheap initially caters to a specific audience in a specific region: computer science job seekers in the Asheville area. Gigheap is an online resource that is more than just a 'craigslist' of jobs.

Advisor: Semmy Purewal

Student Name: 
Billy Mills