Fly The Coop: Gaming On Android

Mobile applications are a multi-billion dollar industry, and a fairly large segment of that market is mobile games -- especially games for smartphones. Encouraged by numerous inspirational stories like the Wall Street Journal’s story of the Raleigh-based developers of Temple Run, I designed and developed an Android game. This game follows the popular model of the player trying to travel the farthest distance possible while dodging obstacles and acquiring power-ups. The game also keeps track of the player’s high score, and gives them the option to share their score on Facebook to allow them to compete with their friends. The app was developed using the Sublime editor and the Corona SDK, which is built on OpenGL, SQLite, JSON, and the Lua scripting language. The Corona SDK allows the user to easily publish apps across multiple platforms, so shortly after the app is published for Android, it will also be available for Kindle, Nook, and iOS devices. Talon Rayburn developed the game assets.

Student Name: 
Thomas Benge