The EEDS Project: Electronic Education Documentation System

The EEDS Project is an effort to design a comprehensive system of recording and verifying attendance at Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities.  EEDS will document in detail the entire educational activity for both the participant (physicians and medical personnel) and the sponsor of the activity.  This project is a significant step in creating an entirely web-based system for all participants to access.  This paper presents a discussion of the background and fundamental database applications needed to successfully meet the goals of this project.  EEDS database has been developed in Microsoft Access 97 on a Windows NT Server platform.

Currently, physicians and medical personnel must attend various classes and activities for CME credit hours. The report of CME hours to various recognized medical organizations (ex: The North Carolina Medical Society) is required by law per the North Carolina General Assembly's recent amendment to the Medical Practice Act.  The system to record the CME participants attendance is a simple pad on which they write their name and social security numbers.  This system is cumbersome for they have to repetitively submit the same information to various medical organizations for credit.

Many physicians have administrative assistants to aid in this process.

Advisor: Charles Massey

Student Name: 
Royce Holden