Dungeons and Dragons Character Archetype Wizard

This project is geared towards simplifying the character creation process for the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. When using this application, players can select their desired race and class, whereupon the virtual character sheet will display the corresponding variables for each character attribute ("stat") point within a user-friendly layout. These variables are pre-determined and serve as the recommended value for each point, based on the level, race and class selected by the user. This web application will reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to create a character sheet, shortening the process from over an hour to less than five minutes -- where most of this time will be spent on the player making personal decisions. These pre-determined points can serve either a playable character or as a template for players if they choose to create their own character sheet. The project interface is designed to mirror the paper version of the character sheet, which will aid a player in using the web application to its fullest extent. The final goal of this wizard will allow users to maximize game-play time and minimize its tedious yet required precursor, character creation.

Advisor: Sara Mattice

Student Name: 
Sara Mattice