Duncan Machine & Tool Database System

About the Company
Duncan Machine is a business that provides services to regional industries. It replicates parts by using blueprints, or designs them in house. Duncan Machine currently keeps track of data manually, without any computer assistance.

Project Description

  • To design an Access 2000 database according to the customer specs
  • This database will keep track of inventory, past sales, purchases, and unpaid invoices, and other aspects of the business
  • SQL will be written to access this data in a variety of ways
  • The overall focus of this project is to both save time in data entry and retrieval and to allow a broad understanding of the entered data


Project Development
Access 2000 was chosen because I had some vague familiarity with it, and my desire for a deeper understanding of the program. The project consisted of designing and implementing a database system from the ground up, as there was no existing database system. My main goal was to create something that would be both simple to use, and useful. The most crucial aspects are inventory and part information. When an item is stocked, its price is going to increase with time, and this was a main concern of the costumer, being able to determine when the last price increase was. Also, accurate inventory records were desired to make the business more efficient. There are two main sections of the user interface, which are data entry, and data retrieval in the form of various reports. The data entry section consists of forms that allow for easy data entry. The data retrieval section consists of reports that are triggered within a form, and their output depends on the value of various fields within the form, such as dates, or CustomerID's. SQL was written to provide the reports with the desired data.

This database system will save time in both the entry of data and its retrieval, but will also provide an easy way to analyze large parts of data that was previously unavailable. More money will be saved by knowing when to increase prices, and by how much. Money will also be saved in the sense that the user's time can now be spent on more worthy endeavors. I feel that the project was a success.

Advisor: Dr. Daugherty

Student Name: 
Nick Duncan