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  • The Preferred Properties web application was developed for a local real estate company.  The site was designed with visual simplicity and easy maintenance as its primary goals.  The critical site maintenance consists of updating the listing or agent information.  Because it requires no programming or HTML knowledge, the staff of Preferred Properties can easily perform it.

    The web site consists of two independent areas and a database. The public area contains web pages... Read More

  • Introduction
         What is The ACE-The Auto Connection Express?
              The Auto Connection Express is a web database.
         Advertise vehicles for sale by seller and/or dealers.
              Vehicle data is stored in a database and then displayed based on search criterias submitted via a website.
         Who will use The ACE?
              ... Read More

  • The Sagebrush Steakhouse On-line Menu was designed for travelers to view the menu of a restaurant and allow them to order on-line if desired.  The customer can view all items of the menu, such as appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages.  The prices are also included with the items.This was designed to bring the convenience of home to an out of town traveler.

    I chose this project because I have worked in the restaurant business for seven years and I think an on-line menu... Read More

  • Madison Storage is a mini storage business located in Whiteville, NC, which provide mini storage units for the residence and businesses of that city and surrounding counties.They are currently in the process of expanding their base by acquiring additional sites and building more mini storage units in surrounding counties and inside the city of Whiteville.

    Recently Madison Storage has expanded their core business to include climate controlled record storage to serve the legal and... Read More

  • Company Information:
    Ricker Trucking is a small independent trucking company located in Hot Springs, N.C. Darell Ricker, the owner, does dispatch work for independent truck drivers. He is responsible for finding the loads, and his salary is a percentage of the cost of the load.

    Ricker Trucking does not have a database. He has used his computer to manually create invoices. His computer uses the Windows operating system and has Microsoft Office 2000.

    Goal:... Read More

  • Abstract
    In the arena of securities fraud litigation, plaintiffs are responsible for calculating monetary damages due to alleged fraudulent behavior of defendants. Typically, a class period (a period of time ranging from a few months to a few years) is delineated; its starting point is the date of first documented fraud, its endpoint is the date on which the alleged fraud surfaces and investors respond accordingly, usually driving the defendants' stock prices to substantially lower... Read More

  • The JMelodyMaker is a graphical user interface application written in Java using the Java Development Kit 1.3.1. Through the use of the JMusic API developed by Andrew Brown and Andrew Sorenson, the application generates a unique, 16 measure musical melody in the form of a midi file based on a set of rules taken from music theory. The topic of computer music composition was chosen as the focus for this project because of my own knowledge and past experience with music. Due to the mathematical... Read More

  • For my senior project I designed a fully functional dragstrip game written with OpenGL. The dragstrip was designed to be as real to life as a normal operating dragstrip. There are rules, time limitations and various other functions to make the game run smoothly. The game's track has the same physical dimensions as a normal dragstrip, and is operated by time constructs. The car has similar characteristics similar to those of a normal drag car. The car moves up the track, accelerating ,... Read More

  • I have developed a prototype of a Web-based scheduling system for a generic radiology practice. Referring physicians' offices would use this application to schedule radiology procedures for their patients. A Web-based system streamlines this process, eliminating long waits on the telephone. The appointment can be made while the patient is still in the office. The person scheduling the procedure enters information one time, instead of three. Relevant instructions for the patient are also easy... Read More

  • Background
    Day International is a manufacturer of components for the textile and printing industries. Day International performs test on many of the polymers they use to gather data about the mechanical properties of the polymers. Day International currently uses a text-based software to gather and record test data.

    Project Description
    The objective is to design a windows-base software to replace an existing text-based system. The software will provide three main functions... Read More