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  • The purpose of my Senior Project is to develop an Internet based Occupational Medicine Database Prototype. The complexity of current legacy medical software solutions severely hinders office productivity and exponentially increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Accordingly, the focus of main effort for this project is simplicity over performance and additional features .

    Whereas there are numerous different methods to implement an Internet database, Microsoft products were used... Read More

  • The CD Jukebox is a system that uses a simulated robotic arm and a computer with two CD-ROMs. The user is able to have the robotic arm get a CD and place it into a CD-ROM, after which they can play the whole CD, a single track, or randomly play a track. The user can then return the CD back to its bay. The last feature of the system is the programming feature. If the user wishes, they can program in different CDs and tracks for the system to play and the arm will get the appropriate CD, and... Read More

  • Purpose:
    To develop a Microsoft Access 2000 system in which table fields follow the Dublin Core format for the YMICC Inc. (Young Men's Institute Cultural Center Incorporated). These Access tables will be linked to forms and queries that will allow the YMICC staff to accurately archive the collections that the Cultural Center holds.

    My goal was to create a small database system that the YMICC Inc. staff can use internally to add, edit, and search current (and future)... Read More

  • Community Care Partners, Inc. (CCP) is a cooperative venture among five nonprofit healthcare providers in Western North Carolina. The purpose of CCP is to provide a full continuum of post-acute and community-based care-from acute inpatient rehabilitation to hospice services, home health to long-term and subacute care, adult day health services to independent living. The five member organizations of CCP are MountainCARE, Mountain Area Hospice, Thoms Rehabilitation Hospital, Visiting Health... Read More

  • In the fall of 1984 the computer graphics course at UNCA used the Core Graphics System instead of todays OpenGL. At the time that it was taught here at UNCA, the computer science department used Pascal as its principal educational programming language. Since that time, object-oriented languages have replaced Pascal everywhere in the computer field. I decided to program the Core Graphics System in the Java object-oriented programming language so that I might acquire experience in Java and to... Read More

  • Project Abstract

    The Marketing Information Database Application System (M.I.D.A.S.) is a specialized database application & related Java servlet whose primary function is to provide a means of data collection and reporting. M.I.D.A.S. was developed specifically for MacNeill Group, Inc. (MacNeill)–a Managing General Agency (MGA) founded in 1946 that serves as a wholesale insurance agent and represents over 5,000 independent insurance agents throughout the state of Florida. The main... Read More

  • The goal of this project was to write an easy to use Internet program that allowed users to draw objects that could then be transmitted to other users who were simultaneously using the same application. This electronic concept is similar to that of a real world whiteboard: one participant draws objects that others can see, and the other participants can then add to or delete these drawings.

    Writing the system in Java was an obvious choice for several reasons. First, since I cannot... Read More

  • The subject of this application was derived from past experiences with art, framing, and the process of visualizing end products for a client. This tool was designed to provide a means for previewing various design schemes before committing to a final decision. Given this, it was necessary for the system to allow for the manipulation of images in the form of jpeg files. Selection 'palettes' were employed in the graphical interface giving the users a variety of options to utilize during their... Read More

  • A multi-threaded clone of the classic arcade game Missile Command was designed and implemented as a runnable applet object using the Java 2 API. The game design required a class that builds the GUI and initializes object locations. This class also assigns values to numerous global variables for the score, the number of missiles, cities and turrets to create, the size and graphic for each image, the current game state, etc.

    The basic idea for game initialization is to render a scene... Read More

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combines multiple layers of information about any geographic location to give businesses, agencies, and individuals a better understanding of that location. The many layers used depend on what application GIS is being used for.

    The Rowan County Planning Department has been using GIS to aid in the planning and zoning process involved in land use, census counts, traffic count estimates, road planning, and other information.

    The departments GIS... Read More