Student Project Archive

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  • OpenGL is a cutting-edge industry standard for the creation of fast, portable 3D graphics images. As defined by Silicon Graphics, Inc., it is strictly "a software interface to graphics hardware". As such, OpenGL covers only the actually rendering of 3D scenes interaction is outside its scope.

    A great challenge for 3D programmers lies in developing OpenGL applications that end users can interact with. Similarly, defining 3D scenes must be possible for an end user who should require no... Read More

  • The purpose of this project was to investigate whether a robot could be interfaced with a PC running Linux and if the control software could be developed using the Linux OS. To complete this research, software was developed to control a robotic arm from a PC running the Linux OS. This software features a graphical user interface (GUI) and multiple modes of control.

    The LynxMotion 5 axis robotic arm kit was used to conduct this research. This is a versatile robotic arm kit that... Read More

  • Purpose of the system

    Provide a computer system using Microsoft Access to handle all of a Pizza Hut Delivery stores operations.


    • System Analysis -- Using methods learned in CSCI 342 Systems Analysis and Design for gathering requirements for the system. This includes analyzing Pizza Huts current paper based system, creating Context and ER Diagrams, Normalization, and developing a Project Plan.
    • System Design -- Practicing techniques learned in... Read More
  • Project Abstract

    The NetLert Offline Message Server (NOMS) is a specialized Java servlet designed to provide remote access functionality to the NetLert messaging system, an existing software product developed and marketed by SoftBase Systems, Inc. The NetLert messaging system is a vertical-market product which provides instant desktop messaging to the help/support desk and telemarketing call center industries. Typical implementation environments for NetLert might be a 50-agent call... Read More

  • Concept

    The software is designed to provide a dynamically updateable online reservation system for small independently owned lodging properties. I chose to design this type of software after having worked in hotel and used a large corporate reservation system. The idea is that a small start-up business could get properties to join this system, titled Carolina Mountain Lodging. The software would provide an online reservation system for Web surfers and staff members taking... Read More

  • The Journey

    My journey to create Java Loghours was a long and tedious one. My vision was to produce a applet driven system to log work hours into a Microsoft Access database. A web server would serve as the connection agent and the Java JDBC-ODBC bridge would handle the transactions. I ran into many obstacles in the course of my journey, including learning the Java language and the advance features of Java. Design and implementation were also factors that made me change the course... Read More

  • My senior project is to create a graphical representation of the Wumpus World game as executed by a Human Player. The Wumpus World is a computer game used in the Artificial Intelligence course taught at UNCA.

    In the course taught by Dr. Bruce, the Wumpus World was used as an environment for the adaptation of rational agents that can be seen as knowing about their world and reasoning about their course of action. The agents, the Goal Player, the Reflex Player, the Cheating Player, the... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence is a controversial but growing field of study. My project (problem) was to design an agent that would survive in the hostile Wumpus world. This virtual world has been used to validate many types of agents including a doctorial dissertation on A.I..

    The Wumpus world is a very challenging environment in which to live--there are many obstacles to navigate, a few percepts that give the slightest hint of those obstacles, and, finally, the goal which is to find gold... Read More

  • As a student employee at the National Climatic Data Center, most of my time has been spent extending the Climate Visualization (CLIMVIS) system. CLIMVIS is a system that allows world wide web users to dynamically create data plots of various kinds of weather data (drought, precipitation, temperature, snowfall, etc.) My contribution consisted of two CGI programs that made available temperature and precipitation data collected by the Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN), a network... Read More

  • JFtp is a graphical FTP client written in Java. An FTP client is a program that allows the user to connect to a remote server and transfer files to and from the server. JFtp has a graphical interface that allows the user to execute commands by simply pressing a button or dragging an object somewhere. Visual confirmation to command execution is given in two ways: by a progress bar and by a log window. The purpose of this project is to combine as many of the flavors of computer science as... Read More