Student Project Archive

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  • My project is a web-based application that advises a student on which classes they should take in an upcoming semester based on what major the student declared and what classes they have or have not already taken. This application makes use of a MySQL database that contains user-generated student information. The list of required classes needed for each degree is also contained the database. MySQL queries are used to create the algorithm which determines which classes would be optimal for an... Read More

  • The search for fulfilling employment as a new graduate in computer science can be challenging, but need not be intimidating. As with any task, the right tools can make a difference. Gigheap provides Asheville computer science job seekers current information about new job listings as well as other relevant events such as continuing education opportunities and meet-ups. Gigheap utilizes the Ruby on Rails web-application framework which provides 'out-of-the-box' solutions for basic application... Read More

  • Brewise is an electric brewery which brings commercial quality to home brewing. This brew system will monitor and control the major steps of the brewing process, which will allow the home brewer to achieve greater efficiency and a higher yield. Heating, sparging, and monitoring will be automated by the system within the parameters set by the user. The brewer can also use the software to analyze various parts of the brewing process such as calculated efficiency, required sparge water, and... Read More

  • Photo management should be simple, visually appealing, and easy. Most current photo management solutions do not do an adequate job of enabling the user to organize and store photos in a natural, low-friction way. Current solutions also put too heavy an emphasis on social networking; sharing should be a peripheral feature, not an integral part of photo management. Photo management should be remotely stored, secure, allow automatic upload, have an intuitive design that facilitates photo... Read More

  • The purpose of this proof of concept application is to create computer generated haiku that is technically correct and sensible. To achieve this goal I employed the use of the Natural Language Toolkit, the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, the Corpus Of Contemporary American English, and Python as glue for the application. Statistical models were used when tagging parts of speech and generating sequences of words. The application does not intend to approach the subjective nature of artistic... Read More

  • The purpose of my project is to design, develop, and deploy a web application for Superior Detailing, an automotive detailing company in Asheville, North Carolina. This web app is a step forward for the business because it attracts more customers and automates the scheduling process. This web application uses Ruby on Rails, along with a new website, so that customers can create an account and have the option to schedule an appointment online. This web application makes scheduling... Read More

  • The Public Transit Trip Planner mobile application is designed to alleviate the hassle of using the Asheville Regional Public Transit system. Users can use predefined tourist oriented routes or create their own custom routes. Users also have the ability to change the length of time they wish to stay at each point of interest as long as it stays within reasonable bounds. The application is built using Adobe’s Phonegap framework, which allows the application to be created using... Read More

  • This project explores the development of emulation software that simulates Nintendo Game Boy hardware, allowing Game Boy games to be played on the Microsoft Windows OS. Emulation of hardware is an essential niche of software development due to constant technological progress. Hardware that was once top of the line becomes obsolete as the market adopts newer and better technology. However, the demand for the ability to run software only available on now obsolete hardware is significant... Read More

  • Have you ever had to look through the ingredients on food packages? With the increasing popularity of veganism, glutenfree diets, grainfree diets, and many more, it is necessary to have a better approach. There are numerous resources online that provide nutrition information such as calories, carbohydrates, and sodium content. What they do not provide is ingredient information, which is necessary for individuals with food allergies, restrictive diets, or simply concerns about what they are... Read More

  • I designed and developed an iPhone application that allows users to examine the nutritional information of fast food chains. The application retrieves its data from an SQLite database. The Objective C program loads the information as requested and displays it in a clean and intuitive user interface. The program utilizes a drill-down table structure, separating the information by restaurant chain, category, and finally, food items. The resulting program runs quickly and efficiently, drawing... Read More