Connecting the Guardian ad Litem Association of Buncombe County

Today, a tremendous amount of communication occurs over the Internet. When we are not face-to-face we rely on technologies such as email, messaging programs, and websites to keep us updated and informed. For nonprofit organizations, it can be difficult to collaborate efficiently and effectively to members of the organization through older, slower, and tedious methods of communication such as mass-email threads, and to offer information to prospective volunteers or those seeking additional information about the organization. This project included the design and implementation of a website powered by the WordPress content management system (CMS) providing the Guardian ad Litem Association of Buncombe Country (GALABC) a user-friendly and ease-of-use experience, enabling them to collaborate across a private forum, share content and training experience, and restrict specific content to certain members. The website runs on technologies such as Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, and Nginx; optimized for speed and security in order to establish an online presence, and have the tools to effectively communicate and collaborate.

Student Name: 
Henry Henderson