Community Help Information Local Database (CHILD)

CHILD: A relational database developed for the Save the Children non-profit organization.

CHILD was originally a CSCI 446 project which only completed design for the Save the Children Eastern Area Office (Asheville) which had not had a database previously. CHILD input comes from programs in seven states which serves 15,000 sponsored children and almost triple that number in unsponsored children. CHILD, while maintaining the organization to program relationship, tracks utilization of programs and funds. The original project was designed on Microsoft Access 7.0 instead of the 2.0 version available to the user. If the project had reached the testing phase, the CSCI 446 team would have realized the large amount of design rework necessary for the code to work properly. The elimination in unnecessary relationships and tables, as well as, redesign of the forms proposed made up for shortfalls in Access 2.0 capabilities. The CHILD program will help the 8 Eastern Area staff members deal with the ever increasing administrative burdens being place upon them. CHILD, once implemented at the Asheville Office, will be made available to other area offices throughout the United States.

Advisor: Charles Massey

Student Name: 
Joe Peek