Call Center Database

Community Care Partners, Inc. (CCP) is a cooperative venture among five nonprofit healthcare providers in Western North Carolina. The purpose of CCP is to provide a full continuum of post-acute and community-based care-from acute inpatient rehabilitation to hospice services, home health to long-term and subacute care, adult day health services to independent living. The five member organizations of CCP are MountainCARE, Mountain Area Hospice, Thoms Rehabilitation Hospital, Visiting Health Professionals, and Green Tree Ridge and The Summit.

The call center for CCP currently uses a manual of phone numbers much like a phone book. A computer accessing a database of the phone numbers can easily search for the contact information. The current method allows the secretary to look up an individuals phone number or extension by last name.

The goal of this project is to create a database that can look up a person, location, or departments contact information quickly. The database provides more ways of looking up information than just the last name. It allows searches for first names, department names, and will eventually include patient names, as that information becomes available.

Numerous problems plagued my development of this system. First and foremost was the inability to find the data needed for the call center. Once I found the data I discovered it was out of date. From there I was back to searching for the data again. When I finally found an up to date source for the information I noticed that it could not easily be linked to any other data. The data was riddled with inaccuracies. Peoples names were commonly misspelled. Instead of using first names, middle names, or preferred names the system clumped any one of these with the last name in a single text field.

Most of the work involved correcting the design and data entry mistakes of one table so that the data could be transferred into a better-designed database. The rest was creating a Microsoft Access 97 front end that the operator could use to look up information for a caller.

I believe my senior project has been a success. The data has been moved and will soon be maintained. The front end I designed will allow the operator to handle calls faster than before. My system should also cut down on the number of paper cuts the operator receives on the job.

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Anson Ellstrom