Brewise Commercial Brewing for the Home

Brewise is an electric brewery which brings commercial quality to home brewing. This brew system will monitor and control the major steps of the brewing process, which will allow the home brewer to achieve greater efficiency and a higher yield. Heating, sparging, and monitoring will be automated by the system within the parameters set by the user. The brewer can also use the software to analyze various parts of the brewing process such as calculated efficiency, required sparge water, and estimated alcohol by volume (ABV). This system will allow grain brewers to efficiently, effectively, and consistently brew at a level of quality on par with a professional brewery.The brewery will consist of three parts: a hot water tank, a mash tun, and a boil kettle. The hot water tank and mash tun will be monitored with digital thermometers. The boil kettle and hot water tank will contain electric water heaters that will be controlled digitally. A raspberry pi will control the system while sending data to the user’s machine. The UI, which will allow the user to set the recipe, calculate the amount of water needed, and calculate efficiency, will be programmed in JAVA.

Advisor:  Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Steven Buhrman and Robert Wise