Break is an online role playing game. Upon visiting the games web page players can create an account and download the game client. From the game client players can log in and connect to a server. In the game players can interact and perform a variety of tasks with each other in real-time. Each player is able to choose between three classes that have separate attributes and abilities. The three classes are: a close range class that can take heavy damage, a mid range class that can deal heavy damage, and a long range class that can do minor damage but can also support other players. The game will be designed using Unity 4 and Autodesk's 3ds Max. The setting of the game takes place in the future and the classes use more modern weapons. The close range class may use a shotgun, the mid range could use pistols and the long range, some kind of telekinesis or magic. The goal of the game is to survive against a basic artificial intelligence agent by working together and utilizing different character skills.

Advisor: Marietta Cameron

Student Name: 
Eric Christianson