The Auto Connection Express

     What is The ACE-The Auto Connection Express?
          The Auto Connection Express is a web database.
     Advertise vehicles for sale by seller and/or dealers.
          Vehicle data is stored in a database and then displayed based on search criterias submitted via a website.
     Who will use The ACE?
          Potential Buyers
               Search The ACE based on 4 search criterias
               Search by Make
               Search by Model
               Search by Year Range
               Search by Price Range
               Retrieve Contact Information
          Individual Sellers and Buyers
               Advertise Vehicles for sale
               Provide contact Information
     Why a Web Database and not a Static web site?
               Minimize repetition
               Large amounts of data stored in one place instead of many different files.
               Easily updateable

Static Vs. Dynamic
          What You See Is What You Get
          Web pages that can move, animate or respond to the user after downloading to the browser.
          Allow immediate access to updated data.

     Web Server/Hosting
     Scripting Language
          MS IE Vs. Netscape
     ASP-Active Server Pages


     Future of The ACE

Advisor: Susan Reiser

Student Name: 
Angelica Mendoza