AudobonTree Abstract

AudubonTree Project includes:
Web Presence

I assisted AudubonTree Service with their advertising using computer graphic tools to generate a corporate logo used on mailing materials, brochures, website, invoices, financial statements, etc. Also, I assisted in creation of copy for the website; including site layout, site graphics, description of services, an adapted mission statement, and organization of contact and search facilities.

To allow shared access, I setup an intranet for the office, using fast-ethernet cards, an eight-port 10/100mps hub facilitating common user access to the database and file-sharing. The machines are arranged in a peer-to-peer network, using Microsoft NetBEUI protocol. The client machine assigned as the dial-up server for dial-up access maintains the database (allowing remote access).

Web Presence:
I registered the company domain name with InterNIC, an ISP, and registered it with Net Center (and other search indexes). In addition, I set up a web business service to host the website, route company email, and allow CGI scripting. The site employs a PERL script using public domain libraries to activate and send form information as email to AudubonTree, and utilizes htdig (an indexing system from SDSU) to search the site.

Microsoft Access 2000 Database Application:
The central focus of the project is the database application; with 24 forms, 16 tables, 28 queries, and 5 reports. The application collects and organizes information for AudubonTree employees, clients, equipment, maintainance, suppliers, products, estimates/jobs, and marketing contact history/projection. Attention is paid to user-interface, organization, and data-entry sequence.

Advisor: Mary Lynn Manns

Student Name: 
Mark McDiarmid