Athletic Department Database

Project Goals

  • Why Did I Choose This Project?
  • Development of Project
  • What Problems Did I Encounter?
  • What Did I Learn
  • Final Thoughts?

Why Did I Choose This Project

  • Personal Interest
  • Better Record Keeping
  • Allow Quick Access to Records
  • It's The Year 2K

Development of Project

1. Organizing Tables

  • Deciding on Table Input
  • Normalizing Tables
  • Put On Hold Until Query
  • Keys
  • Relationships

2. Athlete Query

  • Had to figure out what to query
  • Had to backtrack to tables
  • Key Problem

3. Forms

  • Athlete and Week Forms Easy
  • Search Forms gave me trouble
  • Layout of workout addition form was tough

What Problems Did I Encounter?

  • Design
  • Normalizing Tables
  • Table Relationships
  • Communication of Boxes

What Did I Learn?

  • Importance of Time Management
  • How to layout and organize databases
  • Importance of backing up data and testing
  • Lots of reading required

Final Thoughts

  • Enjoyed The Project
  • Want to work with databases
Student Name: 
Tim Gautreau