Asian Students in Asheville is a relatively new student organization that was started in the 2000 Fall semester.After the first couple semesters of existence, it became clear that the organization was having some problems keeping all members in the know and that a tool that could help with club management and communications could be of benefit to ASIA.

The idea was to have a database that would help manage certain aspects of the organization such as: roster, mailing list, meeting schedule, and calendar of events.This database would have to be highly accessible as well as easily updated from anywhere.The organization didn't have a webpage yet so it was decided to create a webpage for the organization where information would easily be accessible to the club members and to allow executive members of ASIA to interface with the database through the web.This solution would serve to provide a readily available source of information about/for the organization where previously there was no such source.

ASIA is officially recognized as a university student organization so webspace was provided by the Computing Center.  Microsoft Access and ASP to interface with the database is what the center supports so that is what was used.  HTML, CSS, Java-Script and ASP were used to create pages, all of which were personally written in Notepad with a couple of exceptions and where noted.Several server-side-include files were written and used in various pages for the purpose of maintainability.

The final implementation produced a webpage (viewable at that had database driven parts displaying information to visitors, a guestbook, a message board system, and representing the bulk of the work, an executive member tool.

Advisor: Walt Turner

Student Name: 
John Tan