Annual Bonus System Ingles Markets, Inc

Ingles Markets, Inc., my employer, requested that a method of paying annual bonuses be designed to work with SAP. Ingles converted their Legacy systems to SAP in October 1999 and Payroll and HR were converted as of January 1, 2000. The combination of working with legacy data and working with SAP tables presented quite a challenge. The true problem in this project lies with being able to identify the employees that were management and the employees that were non-management for the fiscal year September 26, 1999 through Sept 30, 2000. Due to the fact that payroll data for this time period existed on two separate systems, the complexity of solving this problem increased. It was my job to: 1) determined the eligible employees based on the eligibility rules of Ingles, 2) determine which of these eligible employees were actually eligible for management bonus, 3) calculate the bonus amounts for both management & non-management employees, and 4) provide payroll a method of getting these employees into the SAP payroll system (without having to manually enter the data) and 5) document the procedures for the payroll department. The programming that was necessary was written in ABAP, which is SAPs proprietary language. SAP resides on an HP9000 system with a Unix platform. Excel spreadsheets were also used to create the files that were actually imported into SAP with the dollar amounts for each person.

I chose this project to increase my experience with SAP and ABAP, and also because this was an opportunity to not only do programming work, but to also work with the end users in the creation of a method that could be performed by the payroll department in future years. I attended three separate ABAP courses in preparation for the work necessary on this project and I feel that I have gained valuable experience as a result.

The challenges presented to me in this project were quiet perplexing, as I had to work with COBOL programs and indexed files from the Legacy system, and relational tables and databases within SAP, and a new programming language. In order to define the eligible employees, special history tables were created in SAP and loaded from Legacy data in order to make the tasks at hand a little easier. I spent many hours with the CFO of Ingles, testing scenarios and calculations to ensure that dollar amounts were correct. Ingles has many problems with data integrity in many situations of hiring and return to work employees, partially because of a high turnover rate. Many data entry problems were exposed during the course of this project, and one of the report programs written will be put into place to run weekly, to help prevent many of the data issues in the future.

Advisor: Charles Massey

Student Name: 
Margarita Carter