Abstract: A Graphical Representation of the Wumpus World

My senior project is to create a graphical representation of the Wumpus World game as executed by a Human Player. The Wumpus World is a computer game used in the Artificial Intelligence course taught at UNCA.

In the course taught by Dr. Bruce, the Wumpus World was used as an environment for the adaptation of rational agents that can be seen as knowing about their world and reasoning about their course of action. The agents, the Goal Player, the Reflex Player, the Cheating Player, the Random Player and the Human Player all need to have and implement some kind of logical inference ability.

The way the game works is that the player explores a "cave" consisting of passageways that lead to different rooms. Somewhere in this cave there lurks a Wumpus that will eat the player if the player enters the room inhabited by this deadly creature. There are also randomly dispersed rooms that contain a bottomless pit where the player could plunge to her death. The goal of the game is for the player to search through this cave and find the room that contains a gold piece. After finding the gold piece the player is to grab the gold, return to the original starting point and climb out of the cave. All this must take place without encountering a pit or a Wumpus.

The current Human Player version used in our Artificial Intelligence course outputs a text-based display of each move made by the player. My program modifies the existing Wumpus World code to generate a corresponding pictorial description, which is updated after each player move. The graphical representation depicts location, orientation, the Wumpus, pits and gold. I developed my project using C++ and OpenGL, and have implemented a 4x4 Wumpus World.

Student Name: 
Lizzette Gonzalez-Stefanon