Mission and Student Learning Outcomes

Ricky Shriner, Austin Mack, and Avi Goldberg after their presentations at NCUR 2012 in Utah


The Department of Computer Science provides a broad educational experience for undergraduate students in the essentials of computing.

The department offers relevant courses of study which develop students'  fundamental understanding of computer systems and information  technology as well as their ability to utilize computer-based technology innovations in a variety of environments.  Analytical problem solving, ethical behavior in all areas of computing, and a lifelong desire for learning are emphasized.

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Students master the foundations of computation
  2. Students learn critical thinking - reasonable reflective thinking focused on what to do
  3. Students develop the ability to learn throughout their careers
  4. Students learn how to use computer software to organize and process information
  5. Students gain an appreciation of how technology impacts the way they live today and in the future
  6. Students apply their technical knowledge within the context of work and community